Arnav Gupta

Why is Mcdonald’s Food Bad for Your Body?

You must have been eating burgers at McDonald’s for a very long time now but have ever wondered how it can deteriorate your body....

Why Pizza is Round and Box is Square?

You must have eaten pizza at least once in your life, but there is one question that must have come up to your mind....

Is Spaghetti Good for Weight Loss?

Spaghetti does make some appetizing recipes, but the main concern that arises is whether it is good for weight loss or not. Well, the...

Why Food Cans are Coated with Tin?

You must have used canned food in your day-to-day life but ever wondered why food cans are coated with tin? You may already have...

Why Do We Need To Preserve Food?

Food preservation has been a very prominent practice since ancient times. Storing food for a longer time can help you a lot by reducing...

How Much Does A Chicken Breast Weigh?

Many people remain confused over the weight of the chicken breast. Knowing the weight is important to measure the intake of nutrients for cooking...

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Arnav has a deep-rooted love for spicy food. He makes every possible effort to explore the heat in different cuisines. Whether it is Naga Piper or Ghost Pepper, he has a knack for all. Look out for a hint of spice in all the recipes and food experiences he is planning to share with the readers.
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