5 Best Australian Whiskies You Should Try At Least Once

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There is no denying that the Australian whisky industry has taken the entire world into its fold. Whisky production in Australia dates back to the days of the nineteenth century, however, recently, the country’s local brands have begun to proudly compete on the world stage, and with good reason – it is some of the top-notch liquid gold out there. 

best Australian whiskies

It has a super distinctive palate for those who haven’t tried Australian whisky due to the flavourful quirks provided by its remarkably unusual and abundant landscape—establishing the country as one of the leaders for boutique whisky production while drawing whisky lovers searching for something a bit different. 

Considering Australia’s flamboyant drinking culture and its expertise in both the beer and wine industries, some believe it’s only a matter of time before the country turns its skills to the stills. I know we are talking about Australian whiskies but you can also give Drambuie and its substitutes a try as well.

In this blog post, thewhiskyclub shares some of the best Australian whiskies that every Whisky lover should try at least once in their life. Even if you don’t drink, no worries. These Australian whiskies can be some of the best additions to your drink shelf. 


Hailing from New World Whisky Distillery in Victoria, whiskies by Starward have been favoured by countless whisky enthusiasts for their groundbreaking production approach to modern-day whisky, shunning traditions that limit so many distillers out there and, more importantly, producing interesting whisky consistently through it all. All their products are made of local barley and matured in Australian barrels.

Finished in local wine casks, this Australian whiskey offers a unique, tannic quality to drinkers. Moreover, in 2020, it was also awarded Gold at the “World Whiskies Awards”.

Start – Local malted barley along with the brewer’s yeast for added flavour.

Mid – The drinker’s taste buds thank the fully matured taste provided by carefully chosen Apera casks (an Australian wine identical to Sherry). Drinkers can taste a hint of the original cask in every bottle.

Finish – Rich as well balanced. Creme Brule, jammy fruits and spice with an enduring dry finish.

Price – $125

#2: Lark Para100

Dating back to 1878, Rare Cask PARA100 by Lark is believed to be the only lineage of single vintage wines in the world that hasn’t been broken. Moreover, the Para Vintage Tawny by Seppeltsfield is the only Australian wine that ever got 100/100 by the famous critic James Halliday. Joined together to create a rich single malt with some depth and sweetness, Lark Para100 steps up every bit of intricacy stowed in the Para Vintage Tawny oak casks.

Smell – A rich and sticky embrace of brandied custard with treacle pudding, blackberry blossoms, wood-fired raisin bread, and mulberry syrup.

Flavour – Cherry sweetness with dark, deep undertones of fresh tobacco and saddle leather.

Finish – Luxuriously long – coffee, cocoa nibs, dark fruit care, blackberry jam, and fireside chats.

Price – $1,000

#3: Red Gum Single Malt Whiskey by Mountain Distilling

The Red Gum Single Malt is the first-ever bottle of whisky from Mountain Distilling. It uses 100 percent malted barley, concentrated in the Macedon Ranges and is also the first brand to exclusively utilize native Australian Red Gum as the only wood influence from start to end in the maturation process, providing a distinctive palate profile.

In addition to this, it also scored ninety-five s in IWSC’s Worldwide Whiskey category in 2021, ranking higher than several other Australian whisky brands, such as Lark Distillery, Starward and Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Colour – Deep rust

Smell – Caramel, herbaceous, and burnt wood

Flavour – Pears, prunes, and Christmas spice

Price: $195

#4: Christie’s Cut Whisky by Timboon

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery is situated in the small Timboon town in Western Victoria. Unlike the majority of distilleries, this one is set up in an old railway shed. It produces a range of liqueurs and spirits; Christie’s single malt whisky is one of them.

It was named after the popular inspector and detective Christie – the bodyguard to Prince Alfred and a master of disguise. The state hired Christie to halt the illicit distilling workings of bootlegger Tom Delaney, who made high-quality whisky in Timboon.

This Australian whisky is the perfect example of an unrestrained single malt scotch whiskey, showcasing both: a balance of smooth viscosity and flavours along with a clean, smooth finish.

Smell – Vanilla, fruit, smoke and butterscotch.

Flavour – Rich, bold, mild spice and chewy.

Finish – Smooth and lingering with trails of sweet spice.

Price – Around $225

#5: Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky

A renowned name in the Australian whisky industry Archie Rose has produced this award-winning single malt whisky. Even before the whisky was publicly released, this bottle won World Whisky Masters in London, Best Single Malt Whisky of Australia at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and the SIP Awards in California.

Let us just say that it is more than qualified to be on the list of best Australian whiskies. However, there is one drawback – it is extremely difficult to source. Therefore, keep an eye open for this one or else you’ll miss out.

Smell – The natural sweetness of the cask offers fresh herbs, raisins, shortbread biscuits, dark chocolate and toffee.

Flavours – Sweet with well-amalgamated flavours of amaretto and sticky date pudding.

Finish – Espresso

Price – $119

Closing Note

There you have it – our top five best Australian whiskies. If you are a whisky lover and have not tried these, believe us, you are missing out on some of the best whiskies (not only in Australia but all over the world).

Even if you do not prefer drinking much but like to maintain a whisky shelf for your friends, family and guests, these Australian whiskies can be a perfect fit for your collection and a crowd-pleaser.

Additionally, keep in mind that these are only some of the best Australian whiskies out there; there is lots more! So, keep the research going and unearth the best Australian whisky for yourself.

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