Are Pickled Eggs Healthy?

Want to get your hands on some egg-licious hors d’œuvre? Then pickled eggs are just the thing you’re looking for! Filled with deliciousness and various nutrients, pickled eggs are a treat that can be enjoyed over time. But are these pickled eggs healthy?

Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs are a healthy source of nutrition. They are low in fat and pack several nutrients. Rich in protein, pickled eggs are efficient in maintaining your gut health. They’re a great snacking option as they’re quite filling as well as healthy for you. 

Pickling eggs is one among several ways, like scrambling, frying, etc., of preparing eggs. Pickled eggs can be enjoyed in various ways. These taste best when eaten with yummy crackers, fresh bread, etc. Usually served as an appetizer at restaurants, pickled eggs are easy to make and one of the tastiest snacks ever!

Before we go further into detail, it’s important to get to know a bit about what pickled eggs are, how they’re made, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss all pickled eggs and get to know if they’re healthy or not. So, grab onto some eggshells and get ready to enter the world of pickled eggs!

What Are Pickled Eggs?

Pickled Eggs

If you’ve never heard about pickled eggs before, you might be very confused about what they are. By the name itself – pickled eggs – you must have gotten an idea that it’s eggs that are pickled and then consumed. But it’s not that simple. That description sounds flavorless and there’s more to pickled eggs than just that.

Pickled eggs are peeled, hard-boiled eggs preserved and flavored in brine, alcohol, or vinegar. Various spices, salt and seasonings are also added to give more flavor to the eggs. You can use any type of eggs, be it chicken, quail, etc. and pickle them however you want. Originating from Asia, pickled eggs are popular and eaten everywhere, especially in the UK and USA. 

The flavor of pickled eggs depends completely on the amount of time you keep the eggs away for pickling. By following the right recipe and using fresh, good-quality ingredients, the resultant pickled eggs will be an absolute delight of a snack!

Are Pickled Eggs Healthy?

Pickled Eggs

Gone are the times when delicious food used to be considered unhealthy. With everyone focused on their physical health nowadays, it isn’t the case anymore. Now, you can indulge in food which isn’t only delicious but healthy as well! Such an example is that of pickled eggs!

Pickled eggs are healthy. They are rich in protein, have low-fat content and are low in calories as well. They also provide antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamin A, vitamin D, etc. They help in maintaining your gut health as they contain probiotics due to pickling. Pickled eggs also help inefficient digestion and improve your immune system.

Depending on the recipe you use, you can get additional nutrients. For example, if you’re using beetroot in the recipe, then it’ll help in improving your eyesight as it contains nutrients like Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Since beetroot also contains high amounts of iron, it also helps in increasing red blood cell production. 

Nutritional Content Of Pickled Eggs

Awareness about what you’re consuming and what nutrients it contains is very important. Insufficient amounts or excessive amounts are both bad for your health. That is why before moving any further, we’ll discuss all the nutrients pickled eggs contain!

An average store-bought pickled egg contains about 79 calories and 6.3 grams of protein. It contains a good amount of vitamins along with high content of nutrients like iron, calcium and potassium. It contains a very low amount of fats and the fats present in it are good for your health.

Given below is a table of all the nutrients contained in pickled eggs, along with their respective amounts. Take a look!

NutrientAmount (per serving)
Calories79 kcal
Carbohydrates1.1 grams
Fat5.3 grams
Protein6.3 grams
Cholesterol187 milligrams
Sodium256 milligrams
Potassium63 milligrams
Iron3.3% of the required daily value
Calcium1.9% of the required daily value

How To Make Pickled Eggs?

Pickled Eggs

Food that is both easy to make and delicious never fails to make you happy! Pickled eggs fit into that description so well! While making pickled eggs, all you need is a bit of patience and deliciousness will be on its way!

To make pickled eggs, hard boil the eggs and peel them. Then dunk them and keep them submerged in a solution of salt, vinegar, spices and seasonings of your choice. Keep the eggs submerged in the solution for at least a month for the best results. Keep in mind that the more you let the eggs absorb the flavor of the brine, the more flavorful they’ll be.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Making Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs

When it comes to making pickled eggs, there are a lot of different things you have to keep in mind. These include the quality of ingredients you intend to use, storage conditions, etc. 

Given below is a list of things you should be aware of while making pickled eggs:-

  1. Use fresh eggs. Since eggs can go bad easily or can even taste rotten when they get old, using fresh eggs will help you in achieving delicious tasting pickled eggs!
  2. Make sure when you’re storing the pickled eggs, you store them in a well-sealed jar. Sterilize and clean the jar well and make sure the jar doesn’t have any cracks to avoid leakage.
  3. Try and keep the overall acidity of the solution above 5% for best results.
  4. Use good quality spices for good flavor.
  5. Be sure to completely submerge the eggs in the brine. Don’t fill the jar completely.
  6. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the jar and that it is completely sealed.

The Right Way Of Serving Pickled Eggs

The best way to serve and eat pickled eggs is to add some pepper and salt. You can use pickled eggs in salads, use them while making deviled eggs or even make a meal by putting them on avocado toast. To make the eggs look more appetizing, you can even add some food coloring before serving them.

So, when you’re finally done making them, you can serve them in the above-mentioned way and have a delicious time!


Pickled eggs are the perfect healthy treat you can ever ask for! They’re super tasty and easy to make. They contain several nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, etc. and keep you in good health. They’re also low in calories and are rich in protein. So, the next time hunger strikes, satiate it with pickled eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are pickled eggs?

Pickled eggs are peeled, hard-boiled eggs preserved and flavored in brine, alcohol or vinegar.

Are pickled eggs healthy?

Pickled eggs are healthy as they’re rich in several nutrients like protein, potassium, calcium, etc.

What’s the best way of serving pickled eggs?

The best way of serving pickled eggs is to add some salt and pepper to them. You can also serve them on avocado toast or use them to make deviled eggs or salads.

How do you make pickled eggs?

Pickled eggs can be made by forming a brine of vinegar, spices, seasonings, etc. and completely immersing the eggs in the brine for a whole month.

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