Are McDonald’s Milkshakes Gluten Free? | Let’s Find Out

Besides lovely burgers and fries, McDonald’s also sells sweet milkshakes that everyone is crazy about! Possibly, their top-selling beverage has to be these shakes. However, have you ever wondered if McDonald’s milkshakes are gluten-free? Let us find out the same in this blog! 

The standard flavors of milkshakes that McDonald’s offers are entirely gluten-free. This goes for their vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate shakes. However, cross-contamination is something you should be wary of. 

If you’ve been to McDonald’s before, then I am sure you must have tried their milkshakes. Even though the McDonald’s drinks menu has a lot of options, most people stick to milkshakes just because of how delicious they are! 

Moreover, there are a lot of people with specific dietary needs and gluten intolerance. So, it is essential to know about everything beforehand. Considering that, let’s look at all these facts in detail. 

Are All McDonald’s Shakes Gluten-Free?

Are all McDonalds milkshakes gluten free

The short answer to the abovementioned question is that all McDonald’s milkshakes are gluten-free. However, it does go a little more in-depth than that. First, let us look at the ingredients that make these shakes. 

The ingredients mentioned by McDonald’s for their shakes are reduced-fat ice cream, shake syrup, and whipped cream. These are the three essential ingredients that go into making all of these shakes, along with added flavors, as per the flavor of the shake itself. 

So, as you can see, all the ingredients mentioned above are entirely gluten-free. However, they also have added artificial flavors and colors. So, although the ingredients are not disclosed for that, there are chances of them having minute traces of gluten in them. 

Moreover, many other beverages, especially the McFrappe, may have cookie crumbs in them, which can cause cross-contamination. So, if you have gluten intolerance, limiting the number of milkshakes you consume from McDonald’s would be best.

Can Celiacs Have McDonald’s Milkshakes?

Yes, anyone with Celiac disease or, in simple terms, Gluten-intolerance can enjoy the milkshakes from McDonald’s. However, along with limiting the number of milkshakes you may consume, it is also essential to mention the same to the server. 

Once you mention this to them, they will be more likely to take care of the fact that there is no cross-contamination. Moreover, the milkshakes are not all you can enjoy at McDonald’s!

If you have gluten intolerance, I highly recommend checking out the McDonald’s Gluten free / Allergen menu covered by us to know more options! 

Are McDonald’s Shakes Vegan?

Are mcdonalds shakes vegan

Along with people having gluten intolerance, many people have also been picking up veganism. As a vegan, finding completely vegan-approved food is challenging, especially at fast food restaurant chains.

So, what about the shakes? Are they vegan, too, along with being gluten-free? McDonald’s shakes are not vegan at all. They contain low-fat ice cream and whipped cream as their main ingredients, both derived from milk.

This makes these shakes unfit for a vegan diet. However, if you are a vegan and want to know about the vegan options that McDonald’s has, check out McDonald’s vegan menu for the same! 

Other Gluten-Free Food Options Available At McDonald’s

Considering how many people have gluten intolerance, most chains like McDonald’s have taken it upon themselves to make their menus more inclusive. This way, they have added more options to their menu for specific diets. 

This also includes some lovely gluten-free options, like most of the beverages, the hamburger patty, and scrambled eggs! Learn more about the gluten-free options on the McDonald’s menu by clicking on the link! 


After reading this article, I am sure everyone with gluten intolerance is probably happy to know about the shakes. They are entirely gluten-free, but as I said, the chances of cross-contamination are always there. 

So, it is always better to be careful about these aspects. Moreover, before you visit McDonald’s, look at whether their hash browns are gluten-free, if their fries are gluten-free, and if their chicken nuggets are gluten-free. You can also examine why McDonald’s food is terrible for you if not eaten in moderation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are McDonald’s shakes gluten-free?

Yes, McDonald’s shakes are gluten-free. 

Are there chances of cross-contamination with McDonald’s shakes? 

Yes, cross-contamination may happen with McDonald’s shakes. 

Are McDonald’s shakes vegan? 

No, unfortunately, the shakes are not vegan. 

Does McDonald’s have other options on their menu that are also gluten-free? 

Yes, McDonald’s does have various other options on their menu that are also completely gluten-free. 

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