Are McDonald’s Hash Browns Gluten Free?

McDonald’s serves a delectable range of fast-food options to its customers. But one McDonald’s menu item that is extremely popular for its taste is McDonald’s hash brown. 

The shredded-potato patties with the perfect golden-brown color are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This unbeatable combination attracts many takers. 

But are McDonald’s hash browns gluten-free? Sadly, not. McDonald’s hash browns are not gluten-free.

McDonald’s corporate office once revealed that hash browns are customers’ top favorite. What’s the secret behind the restaurant’s incredible hash browns? 

The credit goes to the ingredients used to make the hash browns. Let’s find out what ingredients are used to make McDonald’s hash browns and why they are not gluten-free.

McDonald’s Hash Browns Are Not Gluten Free

McDonald's Hash Browns

McDonald’s official website makes it clear that their popular hash browns are not gluten-free. If you read the ingredients list on the official McDonald’s website carefully, it includes potatoes, oil, salt, flour, and black pepper. 

But other ingredients are present in the hash browns, like preservatives, flavorings, coloring, and plenty of high fructose corn syrup, which DO NOT make McDonald’s hash browns gluten-free.

Gluten is a protein present in most wheat products that acts as the “glue” to hold wheat and other grains together. Since McDonald’s hash browns contain beef flavorings made of wheat and milk, they are not gluten-free.

Moreover, those avoiding gluten products should also be careful about cross-contamination. McDonald’s prepares both hash browns and French fries in the same fryer. 

With another non-gluten, the amount of wheat and milk percentage are spiked in the oil, which can harm gluten-allergic customers. 

Therefore, if you have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle, you must avoid McDonald’s hash browns. 

Can You Make Gluten-Free McDonald’s Hash Browns At Home?

McDonald's Hash Browns

McDonald’s hash browns are iconic. But if you follow a gluten-free diet, you will not be able to enjoy them at the restaurant. What if I told you could still enjoy the same flavor by making them at home?

McDonald’s hash browns can be absolutely GLUTEN-FREE at home if you have the required ingredients. You will be able to enjoy the exact same crispy and crunchy texture and flavor. 

Making McDonald style hash browns is an easy process. You will need grated potatoes to fry them over low heat. Strain them off the excess oil and season them. Next, shape the potatoes and freeze them for 2 hours. Fry them once again and have the most epic McDonald’s hash browns that are gluten-free.

Are you excited to know this full gluten-free recipe? We have covered the McDonald’s hash browns recipe for you here.

Are McDonald’s Hash Browns Vegan?

McDonald's Hash Browns

McDonald’s hash browns are not vegan. If you look at the ingredients carefully, you will find McDonald’s hash browns have natural beef flavoring. 

This flavoring contains a dairy product, that is, milk. 

So, if you are vegan, you must avoid having McDonald’s hash browns. You can read the detailed report on why McDonald’s hash browns are not vegan here.

Other Gluten-Free Options On The McDonald’s Menu

You have learned about one McDonald’s item that is not gluten-free. But don’t be disappointed just yet. 

There are several gluten-free options available at McDonald’s. Some of McDonald’s gluten-free menu items include drinks, dipping sauces, sides, and desserts. 
To know more about them, check out McDonald’s Gluten-Free menu.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Are McDonald’s hash browns gluten-free?

McDonald’s hash browns are not gluten-free.

Are McDonald’s hash browns vegan?

McDonald’s hash browns are not vegan.

Can we make McDonald’s hash browns gluten-free at home?

Yes, McDonald’s can be made gluten-free at home.

Does McDonald’s have gluten-free food?

Yes, McDonald’s has several gluten-free menu items. These include desserts, drinks, dipping sauce, and sides.  


McDonald’s hash browns are undoubtedly the most popular food items on the menu. They are loved by one and all. Unfortunately, people with gluten allergies must avoid them. They are also not vegan-friendly. 

But you can enjoy other delectable gluten-free options available on the McDonald’s menu. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive blogs to find out whether McDonald’s fries, chicken nuggets, and milkshakes are gluten-free
Healthy eating is the secret to a good life. While it’s good to know about all the allergies you are prone to, and what food items to avoid, especially when dining at our favorite fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, it is also important to know how good or bad McDonald’s food is for us in general. Take a look at the McDonald’s menu items that may not be good for your health.

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