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McDonald’s fries are the best-selling product out of the entire McDonald’s menu. However, people have concerns about whether these fries are halal or not. So, in this blog post, let us discuss whether McDonald’s fries are Halal.  

Are McDonald's fries halal?

The fries from McDonald’s in the United States are not Halal. They contain an ingredient called natural beef flavoring, which is not Halal. Hence at least in the United States, the fries don’t qualify as halal. 

McDonald’s is well-known worldwide for serving delicious food at reasonable prices. People love McDonald’s food everywhere. But, there is also the fact that lately, people have dietary needs and even religious preferences regarding food, including fast food.  

Just like people have various preferences when it comes to food, having halal food is very important for Muslims. So, there has been a debate going on about whether these fries are halal or not. In this blog post, we will discuss everything about French fries from McDonald’s and how they are made. 

McDonald’s Fries Are Not Halal

McDonalds fries are not halal

In the United States, McDonald’s uses a mix of canola oil to fry everything. This mix contains natural beef flavoring, which gives the fries an irresistible flavor. The raw beef flavoring is not halal; hence, the fries don’t qualify as halal either. 

When it just started, McDonald’s corporation used beef fat for frying. As you may know, animal fat has a vibrant flavor that it gives to the food that is cooked in it too. So, due to the beef fat, McDonald’s fries had a rich flavor. 

However, over the years, McDonald’s also switched and started using a blend of canola oil. But, to retain the flavor of the fries, McDonald’s added natural beef flavor to the fries. This raw beef flavoring is not halal and has never been. 

Are McDonald’s Fries Halal In Other Countries? 

Are McDonalds fries halal in other countries

We have established that McDonald’s fries are not halal in the United States. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy halal fries anywhere else in the world! Quite a lot of countries around the globe have strict policies when it comes to using animal-based products. 

It is especially with food options that are supposed to be vegetarian, like French fries. So, other than the United States, let us look at whether these fries are halal in certain other countries. 

United Kingdom 

Although the United Kingdom has a huge crowd of people who eat beef, surprisingly, their fries do not contain animal-based ingredients. So, this, all in all, makes the French fries completely halal. 

Besides the fact that these fries don’t have any added natural beef flavor, they also use separate fryers for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. This also reduces the chances of cross-contamination, and hence, the fries can be eaten without worrying about them being halal. 


In Canada, just like the United Kingdom, they don’t use animal-based ingredients with their French fries. They also use separate fryers to fry all the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. 

However, there is also the fact that they have mentioned on their website that “No Products Are Certified As Halal.” Hence, there is no guarantee of cross-contamination; therefore, the fries may contain traces of Animal products. So, officially they cannot be tagged as halal. 


In Australia, similar to Canada and the United Kingdom, there are no animal-based products used to make the fries. However, they have mentioned on the website that the fries are not certified as halal. 

Moreover, McDonald’s, Australia doesn’t use separate fryers for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. So, there are very high chances of cross-contamination, making these fries unfit for people who want to eat halal food. 


India is one country with stringent laws about keeping vegetarian and non-vegetarian food separate. Moreover, India is one of those countries where the population of vegetarians is very high. 

So, their laws about not using animal-based products for vegetarian food are as strict as they can be. McDonald’s India also uses separate fryers for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, so there are indeed no chances of cross-contamination, making these fries halal. 

Other Halal Options At McDonald’s

McDonald's Apple Pie is Vegan

Although the fries at McDonald’s are not Halal, it is indeed okay! Various other options can certainly be enjoyed at McDonald’s without worries if you are looking for halal food. 

This will indeed not have options like burgers or sandwiches, as the meat at McDonald’s needs to be qualified as halal. However, some options can be enjoyed at McDonald’s without worrying about cross-contamination or any such thing. 

1. Apple Slices

Apple slices are one of the side options available on the McDonald’s menu, and they have no contamination with animal products, making them the perfect halal option. 

2. McCafe Beverages

The range of coffees offered at McDonald’s, both hot and cold, are halal. Again, they have no contact with animal-based products like apple slices. This also applies to the milkshakes and all other beverages at McDonald’s. 

3. Baked Apple Pie

The baked apple pie is vegan as well, along with being halal. There are no animal products used to make this apple pie, along with are no chances of cross-contamination either. 

4. McCafe Desserts

McCafe also features a few dessert options, like muffins, cinnamon rolls, and apple fritters. These options are all halal and free of cross-contamination with animal products. 

5. Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

This breakfast treat from McDonald’s is delicious and also halal. There is no contact with animal products at all; hence, this breakfast option can also qualify as vegan. 

The options given here use ingredients that are certified as Halal. Moreover, if you want to know more extensively about the Halal options offered at McDonald’s, you should check out our article about the same! 

Are McDonald’s Fries Vegan? 

Are mcdonalds fries vegan

McDonald’s fries in the United States, as I mentioned earlier, contain natural beef flavoring added to them. This means that there are added animal-based ingredients in the French fries. All in all, this disqualifies the fries as a vegan option to consume. 

Just like McDonald’s fries are not Halal in the United States, but in various other countries, the situation is similar with them being vegan. So, if you want to know whether or not French fries are vegan in other countries, look at this link

Are McDonald’s Fries Gluten-Free? 


McDonald’s fries don’t have any added gluten to them as such. However, the added natural beef flavor does contain wheat derivatives as one of the ingredients. This means that the natural beef flavor has gluten; hence, the fries from McDonald’s don’t qualify as gluten-free. 

Unlike the United States, some other countries are vigilant and particular about the ingredients they use with their french fries. If you want to know more about whether or not McDonald’s fries are gluten-free, look at our article about the same. 


As we have concluded this article, it may have been a shocker for many of you to know that the fries from McDonald’s are not Halal. Of course, you would expect french fries to be vegetarian. 

However, the added beef flavor is one of the reasons why the fries have retained their original flavor and also the reason why they don’t qualify as halal.

There have also been misconceptions about the fries refill policy at McDonald’s and the halal status of their food. But, as I mentioned, it is okay since there are quite a few options that can be enjoyed at McDonald’s and are halal! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are McDonald’s french fries Halal? 

No, McDonald’s French fries are not Halal in the United States. 

Are McDonald’s fries Halal in any country? 

Yes, McDonald’s fries are Halal in countries like the United Kingdom, India, most countries in the Middle East, and various countries with a majority Muslim population. 

Are McDonald’s fries vegan? 

No, McDonald’s fries are not vegan in the United States. 

Are McDonald’s fries gluten-free? 

No, McDonald’s fries are not gluten-free in the United States. 

Are there other options on the McDonald’s menu that are Halal? 

Yes, other options on the McDonald’s menu are Halal, like apple slices, baked apple pie, beverages, and much more. 

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