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McDonald’s has so many classic items on their menu prices, but nobody can beat its flavor and taste when it comes to McDonald’s fries. However, there has been confusion among people about whether McDonald’s fries are gluten-free or not.

McDonald's fries

No, McDonald’s fries are not gluten-free. They have wheat content which clearly makes them not gluten-free.

Also, McDonald’s uses the same fryer for frying the other items, and because of that, the oil gets contaminated with gluten substances. 

McDonald’s fries are very popular among children as well as adults, and it should be because they are fried to perfection. Though because of its popularity, many people are concerned about gluten content in your McDonald’s fries. 

Also, we will dig into other menu items you can have from McDonald’s without worrying about the gluten content. Stay with me till the end, as there might be something great for you.

McDonald’s French Fries Are Not Gluten Free

McDonald's fries

Unfortunately, your favorite McDonald’s fries are not gluten-free. Many people may think that fries are made only from potatoes, so they should be gluten-free.

Firstly, McDonald’s fry all their menu items, from chicken nuggets and hash browns to fries, in the same fryer, which means many gluten substances are present in the oil, which are cross-contaminated with other food items.

Secondly, as per McDonald’s website, their fries contain hydrolyzed wheat as a starting ingredient along with hydrolyzed milk. Therefore it is very clear that McDonald’s world-famous fries contain gluten and cannot be consumed by those with gluten allergies.

However, do not be disappointed because even if you can have McDonald’s fries at the restaurant, you can definitely try making some gluten-free fries at home. 

Can You Make Gluten-Free McDonald’s Fries At Home?

You can definitely try to make gluten-free McDonald’s fries at home without any hitch.

You can switch some ingredients, choose gluten-free products, and enjoy almost similar fries to McDonald’s. If you want to try McDonald’s fries recipe at home, check out the recipe and you can replace the ingredients with gluten free products.

Are McDonald’s Fries Vegan or Vegetarian? 


With the change in food choices, people face many difficulties and are not sure whether their favorite McDonald’s fries are  vegan or vegetarian.

McDonald’s fries are not vegan, and another surprising piece of information is that they are not vegetarian. 

McDonald’s uses natural beef flavor in their fries made from hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as a starting ingredient. So milk makes the fries not vegan, and the use of natural beef flavor makes it non-vegetarian.

You can read the complete information on whether McDonald’s fries are vegan or vegetarian in a blog.

Other Gluten-Free Options On The McDonald’s Menu

After learning that McDonald’s fries are not gluten-free, you might wonder what are different options available if  you are gluten allergen or want gluten-free food from McDonald’s. So let me help you with this. 

You can try any burger from McDonald’s but skip the buns and big mac sauce, and you can enjoy bunless McDonald’s sandwiches or burgers. Other options include: 

  • Oatmeal
  • Sausages
  • Beef patty (order a normal burger and skip the buns)
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Coffee items from McCafe
  • M&M Candies McFlurry
  • Caramel Sundae

You can check more gluten-free menu items in our dedicated blog. 


Many people are concerned about whether McDonald’s food is good for them or not. One thing you can do is visit the McDonald’s official website and check the ingredients used by McDonald’s.

McDonald’s fries may not be gluten-free or vegan and like fries, many people wonder whether the other famous items on the menu, like McDonald’s chicken nuggets, hash browns, and milkshakes, are gluten-free or not. 

Making food choices like vegan or gluten-free food can be an excellent step for you and your body, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy amazing food items. I hope this was helpful. We will be back soon.

Until then, try the gluten free menu items from McDonald’s and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories do McDonald’s large fries contain?

According to the McDonald’s website, McDonald’s large fries have around 480 calories.

Are McDonald’s fries gluten free?

No, McDonald’s fries are not gluten free as they have hydrolyzed wheat as a starting ingredient. Also they are cooked in the shared fryers which have gluten substances in the oil. 

How many calories are there in McDonald’s small fries?

Around 230 calories are there in McDonald’s small fries.

How much do McDonald’s fries cost?

McDonald’s small fries cost around $1.39, whereas large fries cost around $1.89

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