Are Dogs Allowed In McDonald’s? Yes Or No?

Dogs, or little fur babies, can be a pet parent’s whole life. But, sadly, not every restaurant allows these furries to enter their premises. If you are wondering, “Are dogs allowed in McDonald’s?” you have reached the suitable space to get this answer. 

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No, sadly, dogs are not allowed inside the premises of any McDonald’s restaurant. However, the only exception to this rule is any service dog. 

Anyone with a dog would know just how irresistible it can be to take your fur baby anywhere you go. Lately, quite a few restaurants have opened their doors to pets while also having a dedicated menu. 

But McDonald’s is one of those restaurants that most of us always pass by. So, anytime you pass by a store with your furry friend, you may wonder if you could take it in. Here, you will get all the answers you need about why McDonald’s does not allow pet dogs and what can be done if you are around a McDonald’s with your dog!

Is McDonald’s Dog Friendly? 

McDonald’s is sadly not one of those restaurant chains that is dog friendly. 

McDonald’s has never had a policy of allowing dogs in their restaurants. They have never officially mentioned a reason behind it. However, as quite a few people would not be comfortable eating around a dog, the idea never caught up. But we can always hope for the best to happen in the future! 

Service Dogs Are Allowed At McDonald’s, But Pet Dogs Are Not

Are dogs allowed at McDonalds

McDonald’s has boldly written on their customer service policy that they welcome service animals in their restaurants. Most people tend to have service dogs, but technically, any animal that a disabled person very obviously uses is allowed inside McDonald’s! 

They only allow dogs used by people with disabilities; the dog is a guide dog, an autism service dog, a mobility animal, and a seizure animal. Most service dogs also tend to have collars or tags around them, which makes it very easy for the staff to recognize them. Sometimes the owners of service dogs also carry supporting documents for the same. 

A few years ago, there was sadly an incident when a person with a disability was walking into a McDonald’s with a service dog but was denied entry. This happened because one of the staff members mistook the service dog for a pet dog. 

However, as soon as the restaurant manager learned about this, they guided the customer in along with their dog and helped them out. McDonald’s even tweeted an apology for the same which you can find below, about how service dogs are always welcome in the restaurant with their owners. 

Are All Service Dogs Allowed At McDonald’s? 

Are all service dogs allowed at McDonald's?

Yes, McDonald’s allows all service dogs at their restaurants, as long as they support a person with disabilities. Their guidelines for the same mention guide dogs, autism service dogs, mobility animals, and seizure alert animals as examples of the sort of dogs that are allowed inside restaurant premises. 

People usually use service dogs for all the reasons mentioned above. However, service dogs could also be needed for any other service. In certain exceptional cases, as long as the person has documents that support why they have the service dog, McDonald’s would never say no to them, regardless of the type or breed of the dog. 

McDonald’s Official Dog Policy

“We welcome people with disabilities and their service animals. An animal is a ‘Service Animal.’

If it is readily apparent that the person uses the animal for reasons relating to disability, or if the person has a letter from a physician or nurse verifying that the animal is required for reasons relating to disability.

Service Animals include guide dogs, autism service dogs, mobility animals, and seizure-alert animals. People with disabilities are allowed to use their Service Animals in the parts of our restaurants that are open to the public or third parties unless the animal is otherwise excluded by law from the restaurants. 

Suppose a Service Animal is excluded by law from our restaurants. In that case, we will ensure that other measures are available to enable the person with a disability to obtain, use or benefit from our goods and services.

If it is not evident that the animal is a Service Animal, then any questions or concerns must be discussed with a Manager. Service Animals must always be in the care and control of the individual. Any questions or concerns concerning a Service Animal must be discussed with a Manager.”

Can You Keep Your Pet Dog Outside McDonald’s Seating Area? 

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Quite a few states in the United States of America allow dogs in the seating areas of restaurants. This rule also applies to McDonald’s in these states, where you can have your pet alongside you in the outdoor seating area while enjoying a McDonald’s meal. 

Since rules change now and then, most McDoanld’s outlets in the vicinity try their best to keep up with all these rules while ensuring customer needs are met. States like Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, Maryland, New Mexico, California, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Texas allow dogs in the outdoor seating area. 

But, it may also depend on the owner of the location. So, in this case, it is best to first check with the manager of that location to make sure. If they are not allowed in the seating area, you can always pick up your food via drive-thru! 

Can You Get Thrown Out For Bringing A Pet Dog At McDonald’s? 

No, but if your dog is a pet and not a service dog, the restaurant staff may ask you to leave politely. In most cases, if there are no signs that your dog is a service dog, the restaurant staff at McDonald’s will not allow you to enter the restaurant with it. 

There have previously been cases in Australia where people have been fined a hefty amount for bringing pet dogs inside restaurants. However, this is mainly because strict rules apply to bringing dogs to restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. 

A few years ago, there was also an incident in the United States where a woman was thrown out of a McDonald’s for allegedly getting her baby kangaroo. The joey was a support animal, and the lady also had documents that proved that the kangaroo was with her for emotional support.

However, McDonald’s did not consider the animal a service animal, so the lady was asked to leave politely. However, it was also that the lady entered the premises with the kangaroo wrapped in a blanket and held in an infant’s car seat. 

So, the staff noticed the joey when another customer pointed it out. Had they noticed it before, the customer would not have been allowed to enter. So, it is unlikely that they will let you enter the restaurant if you have a pet dog with you, and if you do, they may ask you to leave. 

Tips For Bringing A Dog To McDonald’s

Tips for taking a dog to McDonald's

Although service dogs are allowed at all McDonald’s locations across the United States, people often need clarification about how to go with them. Don’t worry, though; the next time you plan on taking your service dog to a McDonald’s outlet, here are some tips you can keep in mind to ensure you have a smooth outing. 

  1. Make sure your dog is marked as a ‘service dog.’ This could be mentioned on their harness, or you could even have supporting documents. 
  2. Ask the staff about designated areas where service dogs are permitted to sit. 
  3. Similarly, if your dog is a pet, ask the staff if you could wait with them in the outdoor seating area. 
  4. Avoid going to McDonald’s with your dog during rush hours, which could get messy. 
  5. Some places offer curbside pick-up, so you can grab your meal for on-the-go eating to avoid trouble. 

What Can Dogs Have From The McDonald’s Menu? 

Technically, McDonald’s does not have a pup menu as of now. However, there are a few limited items on their menu that your pup could enjoy in small quantities, like grilled chicken, a couple of fries, or a few licks of your soft serve! 

We all know that feeling when we enjoy a delicious meal from McDonald’s, and our dogs tend to look at us with puppy eyes. These puppies cannot resist what we are eating! Considering that, several fast-food restaurant chains have started offering a special dog menu. The perfect example of that is the pup cup menu from Starbucks! 

However, McDonald’s currently does not offer the same. But it is alright! Of course, you should only feed your dog a little McDonald’s food regularly, but a treat once in a while is terrific! 

Only some things on the McDonald’s menu are fit for dogs since it all has a lot of sodium. So, if you want to share a burger or sandwich with your dog, it is best to stick to the patty and not give them anything else. Similarly, a few licks of ice cream (without chocolate, of course) or a few fries won’t cause your dog any health or digestive issues! 

Is McDonald’s Safe For Dogs? 

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McDonald’s is technically unsafe for dogs since they are not supposed to have fried food or sodium. However, giving them something just once in a blue moon and in tiny quantities won’t be as much of an issue. 

As mentioned earlier, there are a few little things that you can share with your puppy in minimal amounts. But, some dogs may also be allergic to a particular food or have gastrointestinal issues. 

Too much sodium or fried food can sadly be bad for their body, just like it can be bad for a human body. Let’s face it, none of us would want our dogs to go through any of that! So, in this case, it is best to consult your veterinarian about the same to be safe. 


Dogs are only allowed at McDonald’s restaurants in the United States if they are service dogs. The company welcomes all sorts of service animals as long as there is a clear indication that they are service dogs. 

Sometimes, they may even ask for supporting documents about the same. It is best to carry those, to have an easy time at the restaurant. Sadly pet dogs are not allowed at McDonald’s, but we can hope for the best to happen in the future! 

If you have more questions about McDonald’s, like why they are not on DoorDash, if their points expire, and what happened to Ronald McDonald, look at the articles we have covered about the same! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pet dogs allowed in McDonald’s?

No, sadly, McDonald’s does not allow pet dogs as of now. 

Are all types of service dogs allowed at McDonald’s? 

Yes, as long as there is a clear indication that the dog is a service dog, and if you have supporting documentation, they are very much allowed at McDonald’s. 

Are pet dogs allowed in the outdoor seating area at McDonald’s? 

Yes, but this may change per location, so it is best to confirm with them first.

Does McDonald’s have pup cups? 

No, as of now, McDonald’s does not offer pup cups.

If you have a pet dog, can you be thrown out of McDonald’s? 

The chances of this happening are doubtful if the dog is not a service dog; they most likely will not let you enter the restaurant with it in the first place. 

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