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When you think of curly fries and sandwiches, Arby’s name comes to mind. But what if I tell you that you can treat yourself to many more delectable items from Arby’s secret menu? Yes, that’s true!

Arby's Secret Menu

Arby’s undoubtedly offers a great selection of food to its customers. But often, many of its official menu items are taken off and make their way into Arby’s secret menu alongside a few others. So, today you will find all the delicious food items from Arby’s hidden in its secret menu.

Arby’s secret menu has 12 items waiting to be devoured. These include some delicious sandwiches and melts that you would wish you knew earlier. 

Arby’s is the biggest fast-food chain in America. The whole credit goes to the quality and taste of the food it provides and the founders who decided to make roast beef sandwiches.

But Arby’s menu goes beyond the roast beef sandwiches. The chain is also generous in providing free extras, bread switches, and upgrades, just in case you didn’t know.

Let’s check out Arby’s secret menu items without further ado and make the most of your next visit.

Arby’s Secret Menu  

Check out all the delectable Arby’s sandwich options that you’ve been missing till now!

1. Bacon Beef ‘n’ Cheddar

Arby's classic Beef' n Cheddar

Arby’s Bacon Beef’ n’ Cheddar is a secret menu item that has made an appearance on the regular menu as the Bacon’ n’ Brisket Beef’ n’ Cheddar, then as the Brisket Bacon Beef’ n’ Cheddar. 

This sandwich has been a fan favorite that features a delicious onion roll topped with their famous roast beef, creamy cheddar cheese sauce, and tangy Red Ranch dressing.

To order a Bacon Beef ‘n’ Cheddar, all you have to do is ask for the Beef n Cheddar with an added order of crispy pepper bacon. 

2. Meat Mountain

Arby's Meat Mountain

One of the most well-known items on Arby’s secret menu is the meat mountain sandwich. It is the biggest sandwich that the chain has ever sold. It’s a meat lovers’ paradise.

The Meat Mountain features chicken tenders, Angus steak, ham, brisket, roast beef, bacon, corned beef, and turkey topped with Swiss and Cheddar cheese, then sandwiched between a regular bun. 

If you doubt the taste of combining every type of meat in one sandwich, then you must definitely try this one out.  

3. Super Roast Beef Sandwich

Arby's  Super Roast Beef Sandwich

The Super roast beef sandwich is Arby’s most classic and oldest menu item. The super roast beef sandwich will be your new favorite if you prefer cutting out cheese.

This Arby’s secret menu item comes with sliced roast beef served on a sesame seed bun. It comes in three different sizes: classic, double, and half-pound, and you can add the amount of meat of your choice. If you like the freshness of veggies, you can add lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to this sandwich.

4. Double Stacked Reuben

Arby's  Double Stacked Reuben

If you love simple Deli sandwiches, then the double-stacked Reuben will be the perfect bet. The classic Reuben features two slices of marbled rye bread stuffed with corned beef. The beef is topped with melted sauerkraut and Swiss cheese and doused with Thousand Island dressing.

To make it a double-stacked Reuben from Arby’s secret menu, ask your server to add double the amount of meat.

5. Arby’s Melt

Arby's Melt

The Arby’s Melt is a subtle tweak to their signature Roast Beef sandwich. The change comes from replacing the bun, which in this case, is an onion roll.

So, when you order an Arby’s melt, you get 2 ounces of thinly sliced roast beef smothered with creamy cheddar cheese sauce between an onion roll.

6. French Dip Max

arby's French dip max

The French dip max should make you happy if you prefer more meat in your sandwich. This Arby’s secret menu item is an upgrade of the French Dip that features roast beef covered in a thick layer of Swiss cheese on a sub roll and is served with French au jus dipping sauce.

So, when you order the French Dip Max, you get seven ounces of roast meat. 

7. Ultimate BLT

Ultimate BLT

Are you a BLT fan all the way? Well, the ultimate BLT is made for you. 

The Ultimate BLT features eight pieces of crispy pepper bacon on honey wheat bread with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. The bread and mayo add the perfect sweetness to this sandwich to complement the saltiness of the bacon.

8. Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich

Arby's Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich

If you are on the lookout for an interesting lineup of meat and veggies, then the roast beef and Swiss sandwich from Arby’s secret menu is your answer. 

The Roast Beef and Swiss sandwich features thinly sliced roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, mayo, Swiss cheese, and spicy brown honey mustard on honey wheat bread. 

It’s one of the best secret menu items for well-balanced content.

8. Roast Ham & Swiss Sandwich

Roast Ham & Swiss Sandwich

A ham and cheese sandwich might seem basic, but Arby’s secret menu roast ham and Swiss sandwich is a pure delight.

This sandwich features toasted honey wheat bread encasing roasted ham, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, mayo, and spicy brown honey mustard dressing. 

9. Junior Deluxe

Arby's Jr Deluxe

Junior deluxe might make you think it’s made for kids, but this one is for light eaters who want to enjoy meat in controlled portions.

The Junior Deluxe features a small portion of meat on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo. If you are on a calorie check, this sandwich will make for a good choice.

10. The Bread Switch

Arby's sandwich

At Arby’s, the sandwich bread is chosen, keeping in mind what meats would taste the best with them for a delicious outcome. However, you can switch things by choosing the bread of your choice, depending on your preference.

You can simply ask for a bread switch while placing an order, and Arby’s staff will be happy to do that.

11. Turkey’ N’ Cheddar

Arby's Turkey' N' Cheddar

Arby’s secret menu has you covered if you are into turkey than beef. To order a Turkey’ n’ Cheddar, order a Roast Beef’ n’ Cheddar from the regular menu, and ask them to replace roast beef for roast turkey.

You will have a delicious turkey ‘n’ cheddar with a flavorful onion roll, holding thin slices of turkey smothered in cheddar cheese sauce.

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So, now that you know all about Arby’s secret menu. Order something from this menu and tell me how your experience was. 

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