Arby’s Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

Arby’s, the second-largest sandwich restaurant, is perfect for dining with friends and family. With more than 3500 restaurants in nine countries, Arby’s has served a delectable range of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. 

Arby's Restaurant

That is not all; their menu offers many unique and super delicious signature items. 

Arby’s Latest Menu With Prices 

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Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Double Beef ‘n Cheddar$9.02630NoNoNoNo
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar$7.06450NoNoNoNo
Classic Roast Beef$5.84360NoNoNoNo
Half Pound Roast Beef$8.77610NoNoNoNo
Classic French Dip & Swiss$8.53541NoNoNoNo
Double Roast Beef$7.55510NoNoNoNo

Limited Time Only

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
King’s Hawaiian® Brown Sugar Bacon BLT Sandwich$8.28510NoNoNoNo
King’s Hawaiian® Brown Sugar Bacon Turkey Sandwich$8.53520NoNoNoNo
King’s Hawaiian® Brown Sugar Bacon Roast Beef Sandwich$8.53580NoNoNoNo
Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries$6.94740NoNoNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten -FreeKeto
Double Beef ‘n Cheddar$9.32630NoNoNoYes
Mozzarella Sticks (6 ea.)$6.94560NoNoNoYes
Buffalo Chicken Slider$2.31371NoNoNoYes
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich$8.53804NoNoNoNo
Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich$8.65600NoNoNoYes

Market Fresh® Sandwiches & Wraps

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Greek Gyro$6.09700NoNoNoNo
Crispy Chicken Club Wrap$8.41880NoNoNoNo
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich$8.53804NoNoNoNo
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Wrap$8.53587NoNoNoNo
Roast Beef Gyro$6.09550NoNoNoNo
Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap$8.16814NoNoNoNo

Crispy Juicy Chicken

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$7.55720NoNoNoNo
Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich$7.31510NoNoNoYes
Chicken Tenders (5 ea.)$8.65620NoNoNoNo
Premium Nuggets (9 ea.)$6.70470NoNoNoNo
Chicken Tenders (3 ea.)$6.82260NoNoNoNo

Slow Roasted Beef

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar$7.06450NoNoNoNo
Classic Roast Beef$5.84360NoNoNoNo
Classic French Dip & Swiss$8.53541NoNoNoNo
Double Roast Beef$7.55510NoNoNoNo
Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich$8.65600NoNoNoNo
Half Pound Roast Beef$8.77610NoNoNoNo
Half Pound Beef ‘n Cheddar$10.24740NoNoNoNo


Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Roast Beef Slider$2.31167NoNoNoNo
Buffalo Chicken Slider$2.31371NoNoNoNo
Chicken Slider$2.31360NoNoNoNo
Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider$2.31240NoNoNoNo

Sides & Snacks

IteM NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Mozzarella Sticks (4 ea.)$4.87420NoYesNoNo
Mozzarella Sticks (6 ea.)$6.74560NoYesNoNo
Cup of Cheddar Sauce$0.9273YesYesYesNo
Curly Fries (Large)$4.26650YesYesNoNo
Jalapeño Bites® (5 ea.)$4.99290NoNoNoYes
Curly Fries (Small)$3.16260YesYesNoNo
Premium Nuggets (4 ea.)$3.16210NoNoNoNo
Curly Fries (Medium)$3.65430YesYesNoNo
Crinkle Fries (Large)$4.26530YesYesNoNo
Crinkle Fries (Small)$3.16250YesYesNoYes
Crinkle Fries (Medium)$3.65390YesYesNoYes
Jalapeño Bites® (8 ea.)$7.65470NoNoNoNo

Drinks & Desserts

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Cherry Turnover$2.43390YesYesYesNo
Jamocha Shake$4.50440YesYesYesNo
Soft Drinks$2.79139YesYesYesYes
Apple Turnover$2.43260YesYesNoNo
Peach Market Fresh ™️ Lemonade$3.77150YesYesYesNo
REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Cookie$2.43510YesYesNoNo
Vanilla Shake$4.50417NoYesNoNo
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cookie$2.43178NoNoNoNo
Chocolate Shake$4.50400NoYesNoNo
Iced Tea$2.7935YesYesYesNo
Strawberry Market Fresh ™️ Lemonade$3.77300YesYesYesNo
Honest Kids Apple Juice$1.8235YesYesYesNo
Classic Market Fresh ™️ Lemonade$3.53150YesYesYesNo
Bottled Water$2.43NilNilNilNilNil
Shamrock Farms® Low-Fat White Milk$1.82230NoYesYesNo

Kids Meal

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Kids Meal$5.23240NoNoNoNo

Dipping Sauce

Item NamePriceCaloriesVeganVegetarianGluten – FreeKeto
Ketchup Packet$0.0010YesYesYesYes
Arby’s Sauce Packet$0.0015YesYesNoYes
Horsey Sauce Packet$0.0060NoNoNoYes
Cup of Cheddar Sauce$0.0073NoNoNoNo

Popular Items On The Arby’s Latest Menu 

Arby's Menu

Arby’s menu is a heavenly delight for food lovers. However, there are must-try options that are popular among customers. Please have a look and make sure to try them on your next visit.

1. Curly Fries

You may have tried fries at many fast food outlets. However, the Curly Fries at Arby’s are quite different and popular among fries lovers. 

It is the curly shape, that attracts the customer’s attention. The flavors from the spice blend make them stand apart from the rest of the fries. 

It won’t be wrong for me to say that they are fancy versions of fries cooked to perfection. These golden delights are a great treat, as Arby’s uses seasoned corkscrews to elevate the flavor profile, making them a popular option. 

2. Greek Gyro

The combination of beef and lamb can always go right, especially at Arby’s. That is what makes the Greek Gyro so unique. It is a perfect option to try authentic Greek Notes from marinated gyro meat.  

The perfect balance of flavors makes it a popular option. The gyro meat, crispy vegetables, and plenty of creamy tzatziki sauce placed on warm pita bread do the magic. 

3. Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich

A chicken sandwich paired with crispy bacon is quite a popular option at Arby’s. This sandwich features a perfectly cooked chicken filet with bacon topped with lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard, making it a super-filling menu item. 

Moreover, this sandwich has Swiss cheese with honey mustard, adding a sweet yet savory note. You have your answer as to why it is super popular. Trust me, you will thank me for the recommendation after the last bite. 

4. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Who would have thought Arby’s simple Crispy Chicken Sandwich would be delicious and flavorful? It consists of a crispy chicken filet, shredded lettuce, creamy mayo, and juicy tomato. 

Even though the ingredients are quite simple, it is quite popular.  Arby’s fries the filet until crispy and golden. I think this makes every bite full of the perfect crunchiness from the chicken patty and lettuce, with a smooth texture from the mayo and tomatoes. 

5. Classic Roast Beef

Some of you who have tried roast beef at Arby’s will agree that Classic Roast Beef is the best menu item featuring beef. 

It is a popular menu item because the savory notes from the beef match the American taste palates.  

The beef is slow-roasted and tucked between well-toasted buns to get the best flavors. Adding a unique spice blend makes it a fulfilling and satisfying sandwich. 

6. Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar

People have long loved Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar at Arby’s. However, it gained more popularity when Arby’s enhanced the flavors by adding roast beef slices between the toasted buns. 

This sandwich also featured cheddar cheese sauce with some zesty red ranch, making it popular among customers.  So, if you want to enjoy hearty and beefy notes, I recommend getting this delicious burger.  

7. Mozzarella Sticks

Who doesn’t love cheesy, crispy, golden sticks? If you love cheese like me, go for the Mozzarella Sticks from Arby’s. 

The best thing about these Mozzarella Sticks is that Arby’s serves it with a marinara sauce for dipping. What could be more tempting and appealing than this? That is why Arby’s Mozzarella Sticks are popular among customers. 

8. Smokehouse Brisket

If you love smoked brisket, then you have to try Smokehouse Brisket from Arby’s. This brisket, smoked for 13 hours, is topped with crispy onions, natural cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce. 

When you bite, you will get a burst of flavor. The rich, smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness from the BBQ sauce is what makes this item popular among customers. 

Current Deals Running At Arby’s

Arby's Outlet

Arby’s is the best place to enjoy every flavor of American food. However, things get much better with their exclusive deals and offers mentioned below. 

1. 2 for $6 Everyday Value

Arby’s 2 for $6 daily offers two menu items for just $6. You can choose from a Classic Beef Roast, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, or Mozzarella Sticks. Visit the official website and check out the Limited Time section. You can even visit the outlet and ask for the everyday value offer. 

2. New Chicken Wraps GRAB 2 FOR $5

You can get two Chicken Wraps with ranch, honey mustard, or BBQ for just $5. Just remember that this offer is only available for a limited time. Moreover, you can get this offer only if you purchase through the official A&W website. 

Note: If you are part of a rewards program, you are in for a birthday treat with a complimentary milkshake or fries. 

What People Are Asking About Arby’s?

How We’ve Verified This Data

We have a process for verifying all information on the official Arby’s website. We also confirm the details with leading delivery platforms to avoid any gaps. 

However, calling and checking every detail with your nearest outlet is always best. The information may differ depending on the location. You can always check our menu update process for extra assurance from here. 

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As we are at the end, I am sure you now have a better insight into Arby’s. The popular menu items are tempting, and I recommend trying them on your next visit. 

Moreover, the deals and rewards at Arby’s Arby’s make your day. I mean, grab such amazing offers. I highly recommend indulging in their popular menu items for a truly fantastic dining experience on your next visit.  So, don’t wait, plan your visit now!

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