Arby’s Exceptionally Good Food Deliveries

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Nothing comes as close to fine dining as delivered food or take-outs; I said what I said. Think about it, your favorite McDonald’s burger with a side of fries with an oreo milkshake delivered right at your doorstep! 

Food from Arby's

But is delivered food better from certain restaurants than what you get while dining there itself? Well, some say it does.

Recent developments and adjustments have been made by the food industry to accommodate the needs of the customers. Hence, food delivery is becoming better with every passing day.

The expectations of customers are high but is the food they’re receiving is delivered with high efforts as well? Food turning soggy after delivery is one of the biggest concerns of several fast-food restaurants.

To prevent their food from turning soggy, restaurants have taken different approaches. One of the ways to go about it is making changes to the packaging. Restaurants like Wendy’s have tried making upgrades to their cooking methods. 

But there’s one restaurant that seems to stand out and is becoming a customer favorite when it comes to getting its food delivered. According to a survey, Arby’s food tastes better when delivered than when served at the restaurant location itself.

Out of every restaurant brand that serves fries, sandwiches, etc., for Arby’s to top the list is a huge achievement. The food delivered by Arby’s is of both great quality and quantity, as told by a source. 

To keep on making their food delivery business better, Arby’s has now adopted several methods. One of them is to pack hot and cold food separately to retain their distinct properties. 

For maintaining the amount of freshness, Arby’s makes their sandwiches as per the order and at that very moment. Not only that but going an extra mile, Arby’s has even made a separate packaging area in the back of the restaurant to pack delivery orders.

With the combination of these methods and technology, Arby’s has proved to be extremely efficient and good in its service. They even have set up dual production areas to deal with the huge amount of orders and provide them with excellent service. 

John Kelly, the COO of Arby’s, in an interview with Restaurant Business, said, “I think consumers are starting to say, ‘Hey, I’ve had enough of that”, while talking about disappointing food deliveries.

Kelly further said that the chain’s purpose and goal is to deliver as per the customer’s expectations and provide them with what they want. This healthy business attitude is what’s making Arby’s a customer favorite!

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