Arby’s Diablo Dare Is Back And Even More Fiery!

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Arby’s is a chain of fast-food restaurants known for serving every option possible. This chain keeps up with all the new trends out there, and hence, they have relaunched their Diablo Dare sandwiches with a twist, around Halloween. Let us explore everything about this newly launched fiery goodness from Arby’s! 

Arby's Diablo Dare

Arby’s launched a Diablo Dare chicken sandwich earlier this year, which really won hearts all around the country, especially for spice lovers. Now, they have relaunched Diablo Dare with two new options! Along with the chicken sandwich, Arby’s has also introduced Diablo Loaded Fries and Diablo Dare Roast Beef Sandwich for a limited time. 

If you are a true fan of all things fast food, you may have heard about the Ghost Pepper Whopper from Burger King, which is indeed supposed to be really fiery. Well, in that case, how could Arby’s not join the race and introduce a spicy range of their own? So, let us take a look at what all the fuss is about with these newly launched options and also when you can grab one of them from Arby’s! 

What Is Arby’s Diablo Dare? 

What Is Arby's Diablo Dare?

I am sure that many, if not all of you, maybe regulars at Arby’s. But, for those of you who are not, Arby’s launched a Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich earlier this year, which was a total hit amongst customers, especially people who love some spice! 

Around the time of Halloween, Arby’s brought back the Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich, along with loaded fries and also a roast beef sandwich. The Diablo Dare Roast Beef Sandwich, just like the Chicken Sandwich, has four sources of heat. 

The sources of heat are the fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapeños, Diablo BBQ sauce, and a toasted red chipotle bun. For the loaded fries, you can expect everything but the bun and also a cheddar cheese sauce to top it off. When you order a combo of the fries with either of the sandwiches, you also get a free “extingui-shake” just to cool you down! 

When And Where Will The Arby’s Diablo Dare Be Available? 

When And Where Will The Arby’s Diablo Dare Be Available?

For people who absolutely love spice, I am sure that the whole idea of a Diablo Dare must really sound worth trying! Now, the real question that it comes down to is, when and where will these newly launched options be available? 

The good news is that these Diablo Dare specials will be available at every participating Arby location across the United States. The Diablo Dare has been available since the 24th of October and will be available just for a limited time, so make sure to get one until the offer lasts! 


Arby’s is back with their Diablo Dare range around Halloween this year. Along with the comeback of their Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich, they have also launched two new options, which are Diablo Loaded Fries and Diablo Dare Roast Beef Sandwich. These are surely worth a try if you are intrigued by spice! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the newly launched chicken and beef sandwiches from Arby’s equally spicy? 

Yes, both the newly launched Diablo Dare sandwiches are really equally spicy since they both have the same sources of spice. 

When will the Diablo Dare menu options be available at Arby’s? 

The Diablo Dare menu options will be available at Arby’s from October 24th for a limited time. 

Will the prices of the Diablo Dare menu options be the same at all of Arby’s locations? 

No, the prices of the Diablo Dare menu options may differ slightly from one Arby’s location to another. 

Will the Diablo Dare menu options be available at all Arby’s locations? 

Yes, the Diablo Dare menu options will be available at all participating Arby’s locations across the United States. 

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