6 Best Apps to Help You Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

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We all live in an increasingly busy world. We rarely get time to invest in our health and before we know it, we’ve treated our health badly and are holding a bunch of medical tests showing we need to improve the way we treat our bodies and we need to do it fast. Thankfully, technology helps us recover more quickly with healthy eating apps out there.

Apps to Help You Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

If you’re in the market for a healthy food app and want to know which one can benefit you the most, you’ve landed at the right place. Let us walk you through 6 of the best keep track of what you eat apps.

  1. MyFitnessPal

This has got to be one of the best apps on the market for losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. This app will tell you what to eat to lose weight and help you gain weight if that is your fitness goal. You can easily keep track of what you’ve eaten in the day and your calorie goals. These numbers are easily adjusted with added elements like exercise and sleep for the day.

The app has many features that include recipe recommendations, workout routines, and even advice based on the weight of the macro-nutrient that you are consuming.

  1. 30 Day Fitness

This healthy food app focuses on a 30-day deadline and suggests workout routines based on your goals. This one only has a seven-day trial and you have to pay for it after that. There is also the option to use the calorie tracker which helps you stay below your daily calorie target and not eat over it. The best features of this app are the personalized fitness plan and progress tracker.

  1. 8Fit

8Fit is a healthy eating app that is focused on a balance between nutrition and exercise. The sound effects on the personalized workout routines take the cake as they keep you engaged and signal breaks and the beginning of the new session. You get to choose your coach and monitor your progress via the app until you reach your goal.

The best features include a personalized workout and meal plan. You also get weekly streaming classes that you can benefit from and you have a coach that guides you through the process. This has got to be one of our favorites from the keep track of what you eat apps.

  1. Sworkit

In terms of fitness and healthy food apps, Sworkit is up there with the very best. In other words, it only considers your tastes and goals while making workout recommendations.

You can view the difficulty level and equipment needed and even download the workout to your phone before beginning. It doesn’t matter if you want to burn as many calories as possible or do gentle warm-ups; the app has you covered.

It’s also possible to alter the difficulty of each workout by adding or deleting exercises. The best feature of this app is that it will keep reminding you to work out if you haven’t done so in a while to keep you motivated throughout.

  1. 7 Minute Workout

This is a straightforward healthy eating app that’s best used for quick tasks. If you want to work out consistently, 7 minutes is the appropriate amount of time each day. With this app, you may keep track of your weight, daily streaks, pauses, repetitions, total workout minutes, and the number of times you’ve worked out in the last 30 days (lightest and heaviest weights).

The workouts are short and sweet, and entertaining voice-overs and animated graphics accompany them to help you along the way.

This software can help you keep fit even when you’re busy if you want to sweat every day. 7-minute workouts are effective in the long run.

  1. Runkeeper

If running is your preferred form of exercise, give this app a try. While running, it gives you audible cues to tell you when to walk, run more slowly, or sprint. By completing one session, you gain access to the next, which includes lengthier runs.

You’ll be able to monitor your progress on the map after the run, along with the time, distance, and number of calories you’ve expended. If you use Runkeeper, you can see what your friends are up to in your feed.

You may do two types of running using the app: for fun or to prepare for a race. You can come up with a plan that works for you based on your objectives.


Any one of these apps can be a good fit for people who want to keep track of their eating and improve their fitness. Suppose you are a company that is looking to execute an innovative idea in this domain. In that case, we can help you develop a custom app with our mobile application development services and expertise. Our team is excellent at taking requirements and executing them based on your needs.

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