Applebee’s Releases Plant-Based Impossible Burger In Its Locations Nationwide

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Veganism is taking the world by storm and it’s got every reason to! It’s healthy and good for both the individual as well as the environment. Due to it being a popular and highly followed lifestyle, more and more restaurants are trying to incorporate vegan options into their menu.

Impossible Burger

Be it The Cheesecake Factory or Burger King; almost everyone now has one or the other plant-based menu items for its customers. Following their footsteps, Applebee’s is adding a new vegan option to its menu.

This plant-based option is no other than the Impossible burger! An impossible burger is made up of potato and soy protein, sunflower and coconut oils, along with heme, which provides the burger with a meaty flavor.

The Impossible burger also has the standard tomato, lettuce, pickles and onions combination. It is then served with American cheese on a brioche bun. Since the bun and the cheese aren’t plant-based, vegan people should order the burger without those items. 

Back in 2018 was when Applebee’s first introduced plant-based Impossible burgers to their menus in select locations. Now, these burgers will be available on its menu nationwide.

Joel Yashinsky, Applebee’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “We proudly launched the Impossible Cheeseburger nationwide last month as we are always searching for ways to enhance our menu and bring more options for guests who crave variety.”

He further added, “Plant-based meat options are becoming a staple on any menu, and we want everyone to have delicious options when they join us at Applebee’s.”

So, if you are a vegan or love plant-based food in general, head over to your nearest Applebee’s and enjoy this delicious burger! Happy eating!

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