Applebee’s Plans On Increasing Their Number Of Drive-Thrus

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Everybody loves food! But what makes it even better is the experience involved in getting the food, eating it and the aftermath. There are various ways you can get food for yourself – cooking it yourself, dining in, takeaways, etc.


To make their customers’ dining experience better, Applebee’s is going to come up with more drive-thrus. This experience will involve the customer placing their orders via Applebee’s app or online and then driving up to the restaurant to receive the order.

Several fast-food chains practice the drive-thru concept of food collection. It has proven to increase the respective brands’ sales as people often just want to grab a quick bite!

But how is Applebee’s food chain planning to follow through with their new food ordering system? How is it all going to work out? Keep reading to know all about it!

How The Pandemic Increased Applebee’s Sales Through Takeouts And Deliveries

Applebee's Food

The pandemic gave rise to the temporary closing down of several restaurants. In-person dining wasn’t allowed, and deliveries and takeouts became more prevalent. 

At the time, everyone was missing their favorite restaurants’ food, and hence, the sales from takeouts and deliveries reached an all-time high. This was exactly the case for Applebee’s as well. 

Applebee’s experienced an increase in sales through takeouts and deliveries. The following two years after the pandemic began, Applebee’s profits skyrocketed, and the chain seemed to do extremely great.

Flynn Restaurant Group is a company that operates Applebee’s locations. The founder of the same, Greg Flynn, said, “I’m seeing some of the strongest sales I’ve ever seen in my career.” while talking about Applebee’s performance.

He further added, “It’s the perfect storm of supply and demand.” Applebee’s kept up with the high demands of their customers and didn’t fail to satisfy them.

Applebee’s Increasing Their Number Of Drive-thrus

Applebee’s sales through takeouts and deliveries made them go for the idea of drive-thrus. The chain launched its first drive-thru in Texas the previous year, i.e., 2021, and plans on expanding even more in 2022.

John Cywinski, president of Applebee’s, expects there to be a total of at least 15 more drive-thrus by the end of this year. These drive-thrus help customers to pick up their orders on the go, and it’ll also allow easy picking of deliveries for delivery drivers.

Applebee’s plan to increase the number of drive-thrus is to achieve its target of higher sales. They also hope that customers will prefer to pick up their orders than choose to get them delivered to lower the overall costs.

Cywinski said, “We are competing directly with [quick-service restaurants] and fast-casual.” Applebee’s seems pretty hopeful about this new venture.

With more drive-thrus, we hope Applebee’s business keeps on prospering. We hope that Applebee’s keeps on serving its customers’ delicious food and excellent service as usual!

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