12 Best Apple Jelly Substitutes

Apple Jelly

Which fruit do you think is the most versatile of them all? My pick is definitely apples! Whether sweet or savory, apples complement almost any type of food. Plus, they are available in so many forms: juices, canned apples, or apple jelly! 

Apple jelly is definitely a preserve that can be used throughout the year. Whether you use it for baking or adding to savory dishes, it has many uses.

But how would you prepare for a situation when you are all out of apple jelly? Let me help you with that. I have curated a list of the best apple jelly substitutes in this article. 

What are some good substitutes for apple jelly? The best apple jelly substitutes are peaches, grape jelly, apple juice, apricot jam, pear jam, plum jelly, and honey. 

However, before we start discussing the substitutes, let me tell you a little more about apple jelly. This will help you understand the ingredient better, for sure!

Quick Peek: Apple Jelly

This section will help you understand apple jelly, its flavor and texture profile, uses, and nutritional information. Read on to know all about it!

What Is Apple Jelly?

Apple jelly is a fruit jam or spread primarily made with apple juice and sugar. The juice is reduced to a thick consistency while the sugar gives it a glaze, which helps with thickening and preserving the jelly. 

Most fruit jellies have pectin added to them as a thickening agent. However, apples naturally contain pectin. Hence, there is no extra pectin added to apple jelly in most cases. Apple jelly is very easily available in most supermarkets. 

Describing Apple Jelly: Flavor And Texture

Apple jelly is usually golden in color and has a thick, jam-like consistency. There are different variants of apple jelly available in the market, like apple mint jelly, which might differ in color. 

This is, however, due to the addition of extra colors. When we talk about its flavor, apple jelly is sweet in flavor with a tart undertone. Due to the tart taste, it goes well with savory foods too. 

Uses Of Apple Jelly

Apple jelly was made to be used as a spread to be applied on bread. However, it can be used to cook various sweet and savory dishes. Apple jelly can easily be used to fill cakes, make apple tarts, and various other desserts. 

It goes really well in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Moreover, its uses are not limited to desserts or as a spread. Due to the tart flavor of apple jelly, it is used to prepare various marinades and rubs for meats and vegetables. Moreover, it can also be used to make salad dressings. 

Apple Jelly On The Health Radar | Looking Through The Wellness Telescope 

Apple jelly is not really the healthiest thing in the world. This is because it contains a very high amount of sugar. It does not really contain many vital nutrients either. Apple jelly, however, is fat-free. 

A tablespoon or about 20 grams of apple jelly has around 56 calories, most of them from sugar. It has no protein or carbohydrates. Moreover, it contains a very small amount of Vitamin C and Iron.

Since it has a lot of sugar, it should be eaten in moderation, especially by people with blood sugar issues. 

I think this much information on apple jelly is good enough. Now, let me take you to the main part of this article, the best apple jelly substitutes. 

12 Best Apple Jelly Substitutes

Now, it’s time for us to move to the substitutes for apple jelly. The best substitutes for apple jelly are as given below. 

1. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Apple juice would give the most similar flavor profile to apple jelly. Moreover, apple juice is one of the base ingredients in making apple jelly. That in itself makes it a great substitute for apple jelly. 

An important thing to remember while using apple juice as a substitute for apple jelly is that it is less sweet and more acidic than apple jelly. However, the taste of apple juice can easily be made sweeter with the addition of sugar or honey. 

Honey would work better as it has a thick consistency which will also help make the consistency of the juice thicker. 

2. Grape Jelly 

Grape jelly, just like apple jelly, is made with grape juice and sugar. It has a consistency very similar to apple jelly. This makes it a good substitute for apple jelly. 

Grape jelly, however, sometimes does tend to be sweeter than apple jelly and has a more tart taste. This is because of the natural tart flavor of grapes. While it might make a great substitute for dessert, grape jelly might not be the best substitute for savory dishes. 

3. Peaches


Apples and peaches share a similar flavor profile. Both have a natural sweetness with a slightly tart undertone. This makes peach a great substitute for apple jelly.

Peaches can be used in any form while substituting for apple jelly. You can use fresh peaches, canned peaches, or even peach jam! Peaches, moreover, are rich in pectin, just like apples. Hence, the consistency of peach jam is quite similar to apple jelly. 

Fresh peaches might need to be cooked a little bit before using them as a substitute. This, however, does depend on the recipe. Canned peaches usually make a great cake and tart fillings. Here is the recipe for peach cobbler oatmeal.

4. Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam

Apricot jam has a sweet and fruity taste, just like apple jelly. This makes it a good substitute for apple jelly. Apricot jam and preserve both works well as an apple jelly substitute. Apricots, however, are not rich in pectin like apple jelly. Hence, you might find the consistency of apricot jam a little thinner than that of apple jelly.

This can easily be corrected with the addition of some honey. Moreover, apricot jam works well in both sweet and savory food, just like apple jelly. It works well for glazing and marinating food. Here’s how you can make apricot freezer jelly at home.

5. Marmalade


Marmalades are made with citrus fruits naturally with a high amount of pectin. Hence, their consistency is quite similar to that of apple jelly. This makes marmalade a good apple jelly substitute. 

Most marmalades are made with orange. However, nowadays, they are made with any type of citrus fruit. They have a sweet and slightly bitter taste. However, the bitter taste of marmalade does give a taste similar to the tartness of apple jelly. 

Marmalade, just like apple jelly, works for both sweet and savory recipes. It works extremely well in marinades and rubs and gives freshness to tarts, cakes, and various other desserts. Here is the recipe for orange marmalade for you.

6. Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam has a tart and sweet flavor, just like apple jelly. Moreover, it has thick consistency as it naturally contains pectin, like apple jelly. This makes it a good substitute for apple jelly.

Raspberries are more tart in taste as compared to apples. However, raspberry jam does make a refreshing substitute for apple jelly. You can use it as a filling for cakes, pies, and even to spread on bread.

Moreover, you can use it for savory cooking as well as to make marinades, glazes, and salad dressings. 

7. Pineapple 


Pineapple preserve or canned pineapple give food a tropical twist when used to substitute apple jelly. They work well with most savory and sweet dishes, making pineapples or pineapple preserve a great apple jelly substitute.

The best part about using pineapples as a substitute is that you can use them in the form you wish. You can easily use canned pineapple puree to add the chunky, natural pineapple flavor. 

If you prefer a sweeter flavor, you can use pineapple preserve instead. Pineapples make a great filling for most desserts. They also work really well with various types of meat, especially pork. Here is how you can make smoked pineapple at home.

8. Pear Jam

Pears have a taste and crunch very similar to apples. Pear jams are usually thick with a consistency similar to apple jelly. This makes pear jam a good substitute for apple jelly.

Pears also are rich in pectin, just like apples. Because of that, the jam turns out to be thick, just like apple jelly. Moreover, it makes a great replacement for sweet and savory dishes. 

You can also make pear jam at home very easily. However, make sure that the pears you use are not too ripe, as that will make the jam too mushy. 

9. Rhubarb Jam

Rhubarb Jam

Rhubarb is a vegetable with a small amount of pectin, making the jam thick in consistency. Moreover, rhubarb has a naturally sweet taste; this makes it a good substitute for apple jelly.

Rhubarb jam might not be very easily available. However, if you do get it handy, it does make for a great apple jelly substitute. It has a sweet and sour flavor and works better with desserts than savory food. 

10. Quince Jam

Quince Jam

Quince isn’t a very popular food. However, it has a consistency, texture, and taste very similar to apples. This makes it a good apple jelly substitute.

Quince jam has a sweet flavor with a floral fragrance. It tastes and smells really good. Moreover, quince jam goes well with savory foods and sweets. This is because it has a slightly neutral taste that compliments meat well. 

11. Honey

Honey has a similar thick texture to that of apple jelly. This makes it a good apple jelly substitute. However, honey can sometimes be a little runnier than apple jelly, depending on the brand you use. 

You can adjust the consistency of honey by adding a little bit of pectin and letting it simmer. However, even if the honey is slightly runny, it will barely make a difference to the texture or taste of your food. Honey works well with desserts and savory foods. 

12. Plum Jelly 

Plum Jelly

Plum jelly has a sweet and tart taste. It is also thick in consistency, just like apple jelly. This makes it a good substitute for apple jelly. 

Plum jelly works well with sweet and savory dishes. It provides a unique tart flavor like no other fruit. You can use it as a substitute for apple jelly in a 1:1 ratio. 

Short Recap

I am sure by now you must have an idea about all the substitutes you could use in place of apple jelly. However, are you still confused about which substitute would work best? For that, I have broken it down further for you. 

Most Suitable: The most suitable substitute for apple jelly is canned peaches. 

Easily Available: Honey is the most easily available substitute for apple jelly. 

Best Flavor Profile: Apple juice would give the best flavor profile when used to substitute apple jelly. 

Final Thoughts

As we have come to the end of this article, I hope it has helped you understand all about apple jelly and its various substitutes. Since jelly is usually very sweet, it should be eaten in moderation, especially by people with blood sugar issues. 

However, all the substitutes given are very worthy alternatives for apple jelly. If you want to stick to basic flavors, you could try one of the more easily available substitutes like honey or peaches.

But if you are in the mood to experiment, try out one of the unusual substitutes, and I am sure you will come up with some great food!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is apple jelly used for?

Apple jelly can be used as a spread on bread and also as a filling for various desserts.

Can I make apple jelly without pectin?

Since apples naturally contain some amount of pectin, apple jelly does not necessarily need extra pectin.

Why is my apple jelly cloudy?

This could be because of the usage of unripe apples. They release starch and make the jelly cloudy.

Can I make apple jelly without adding gelatin?

Yes, you can make perfectly set apple jelly without adding any gelatin to it.

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