How To Make Apple Jam At Home

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Jam is one of the most versatile and delightful pickle ever. Apple jam is my favourite. It is loved by all, I am pretty sure. Bread and apple jam is eaten by many as a tasty breakfast. Its aroma is enough to trickle your nose.

Apple Jam

Apple Jam and bread is no doubt the staple diet of the majority of us. I begin my day with jam and bread. When I learnt that it can be made at home with much ease, I immediately sprung into action. I was determined enough to make my favourite apple jam on my own. I did and it was utterly delicious. It gave me much pleasure and thrill knowing that I made jam. I even surprised my family members by serving them homemade apple jam.

You can also use apple jelly or its substitutes. Here is a list of apple jelly substitutes. Your mouth must be watering by merely reading Apple Jam. You would love to know how to make best ever and all-time favorite Apple Jam at home. But here are some other amazing recipes that you should definitely try.

1. Rhubarb JamA vegetable known for its reddish stalks and sour taste, rhubarb is cooked and often sweetened in European and North American countries while it is used for medicines in the Asian continent.

2. Pig Snout JellyMaking pig snout jelly is a perfect choice for holidays or a get-together. In this post, I will share you can make delicious and mouth-watering pig snout jelly at your home very easily.

3. Strawberry VinaigretteStrawberry is surely one of the most delicious fruits which makes your mouth watery with its taste. Vinaigrette is made by mixing oil with vinegar or lemon juice. It is commonly used as a salad dressing or sometimes as a marinade as well.

4. Eel SauceEel sauce is not actually made of eel. This sauce is served alongside Japanese dishes like sushi. Natsume, Unagi or Kabayaki are some of its varieties. One of the main ingredients of Eel Sauce is mirin, a Japanese rice wine.

Apple Jam Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients Amount
Apple1/2 kg
Sugar1 cup
Powdered cinnamon1 teaspoon
Water As per requirement

How much time will it take ?

Preparation timeTotal time
10 minutes40 minutes

Apple Jam Recipe

Apple Jam recipe
  1. Take the apples. After washing and cleaning apples, peel and chop them.
  2. Take a pan with a deep base. Over medium heat, add sugar.
  3. Let this mixture to cook until it gets thickened.
  4. With utmost care, add cinnamon powder and chopped apples to the mixture.
  5. Over low flame, cook the mixture for 25-30 minutes.
  6. In between, beat the apples in the mixture. You can use a wooden spoon.
  7. Let it cook until you find the mixture getting thick like a jam.
  8. With few more minutes of cooking, remove it from heat.
  9. Put the freshly prepared jam in a container.

Apple Jam Recipe Nutritional information

Protein 0.1 g
Carbohydrates7.3 g
Fibre0.6 g
Fat0.1 g
Cholesterol0 mg

How to Make Apple Jam at Home | Video

एपल जैम घर पर आसानी से कैसे बनायें  । Apple Jam Recipe । Easy n Perfect Apple Jam Recipe
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