Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu With Prices

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We all know DJ Khaled to be a music mogul. He is a DJ, record executive, and producer. But that doesn’t stop him from venturing to other businesses from time to time. His most recent one is a chicken wing line called Another Wing by DJ Khaled. It is making headlines and we want to know all about it. 

Another Wing By DJ Khaled

This is not the first time DJ Khaled has entered the business world. Previously, he signed a deal with Weight Watchers a few years back, claiming he had lost 20 pounds. Another one of his quests in the business world was his affordable gold furniture line that he called ‘We The Best Home’. But his latest venture in the food business has got us intrigued. Another Wing by DJ Khaled has a lot of buzz around, so naturally, we want the tea too. 

Well, here’s the scoop. DJ Khaled announced that he has partnered with ghost kitchen brand Reef to bring you a restaurant line known as Another Wing. DJ Khaled also gave the reason behind the choice of name. “One another wing. And another. And another. Because one wing is never enough”, you can hear him say in the video he posted. The ghost restaurant will be opened and available for delivery in about 30 cities, including the major cities, including New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, and even London. The brand has 150 locations now spanning over 5 countries. 

The menu for Another Wing by DJ Khaled is not limited to just chicken wings. You get chicken tenders, chicken wings, some sides to go with them, dips and sauces. The menu also boasts three categories of combos for chicken tenders, chicken wings, and a combination of both. For dessert, you get the We The Best Cookie which is a giant chocolate chip cookie. Lastly, for beverages, they can get you water and canned soda. 

This was just me babbling quick facts to get you invested. I have the whole official Another Wing menu with prices here with me. I’ll also tell you some other useful information that you need to know. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get this baby on the road! (Sorry, got a little overexcited.)

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu Prices

Another Wing By DJ Khaled

The Another Wing menu is quite intriguing. It has a lot of creative names for the items and also the categories. The combo meals are called Mogul Meals and wait until you read the item names. I chuckled when I read the menu. It is funny as much as it is delicious.

The first category is of the chicken tenders called Tender Talk. This just lets you decide how many pieces a plate you want with your choice of dip. The next category is the one we came here for, the chicken wings. The wings, for obvious reasons, are called Another Wing, but “By The Bone” is suffixed to it. Even though the title reads ‘by the bone’, you get to choose whether you want bone-in or boneless chicken wings. Order the desired amount of piece plate with your choice of dip. 

The sides are celery and fries, but the names are the ones that got me (*insert laughing emoji*). The fries are not regular but waffle fries and are called Winning Waffle Fries. All the other fries are a variation of them. Others are the Spice Togarashi Fries, Jalapeno Cheese Fries, and Truffle Parm Fries. The sides also include the I’m On One Onion Rings

There are three kinds of combo meals as well. You get Tender Talk combs, Another Wing Combos, and Mogul Meals. For dessert, you have the Don’t Play Yourself Chocolate Chip Cookie. The dips and the sauce are the show stealer, though.

The dips include Baby, You Smart Blue Cheese, Holla At Me Honey Dijon, Major Jalapeno Cheese, and I ain’t regular ranch. The sauces (I am not gonna name them all) are just as funny. I’ll let you take a guess. Two of them are called “Un Un Un Believable Buffalo” and “They Don’t Want You To Win Truffalo”. 

The beverages are the only plain thing on the menu. You can have canned soda or water with your dishes. But the menu is lit! Without teasing any further, I present to you the menu for Another Wing by DJ Khaled along with the prices.

Tender Talk

Four Crispy Tenders$11.95
Six Crispy Tenders $15.45
Eight Crispy Tenders $19.95

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Another Wing: Wings By The Bone

6 Wings$9.95
10 Wings $13.45
15 Wings $17.95
20 Wings $22.45


Extra Celery$3.95
Jalapeno Cheese Fries$5.45
Spicy Togarashi Fries$4.95
Truffle Parm Fries$6.45
Winning Waffle Fries$3.95
I’m On One Onion Rings$5.45

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We The Best Cookies

Don’t Play Your Self Chocolate Chip Cookie$4.45

Dip Luv

Baby, You Smart Blue Cheese $1.25
Holla At Me Honey Dijon $1.25
Major Jalapeno Cheese $1.25
I Ain’t Regular Ranch $1.25

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More Wins More SAUCE

Un Un Un Believable Buffalo$1.25
Suffering Fro Success Sweet Sesame Teriyaki$1.25
Honey! Honey! Hot Honey$1.25
Korean Fried Chicken Glaze ALERT$1.25
Don’t Quit Nashville Hot$1.25
Mogul Bourbon BBQ$1.25
They Don’t Want You To Win Truffalo$1.25

Tender Talk Combos

Four Piece Crispy Tender Combo$17.95
Six Piece Crispy Tender Combo $21.45
Eight Piece Crispy Tender Combo $24.95

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Another Wing Combos

Never Stop Winging: 6 Wing Combo$15.95
All I Do Is Wing: 10 Wing Combo$19.45

Mogul Meals

Lion Order: 15 Piece Meal$22.95
Major Key Meal: 24 Piece$29.95
Major Bag Alert: 30 Piece$34.45

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Dasani Bottled Water$2.49
Diet Coke$2.49

How To Order Another Wing By DJ Khaled?

Another Wing By DJ Khaled Onion Rings and Wings

The Another Wing restaurant is a ghost restaurant, meaning it is only available for delivery. You can order your favorite items on the menu from Grub Hub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, or any other delivery platform.

Just go to the delivery platforms and select your location. Then, add the items you want to order to your cart. Proceed to the buy option, select a delivery address, payment option, and you’re done. 

Play your DJ Khaled album while your food gets delivered. DJ Khaled has also told a media outlet that they’ll be offering boat-side delivery as well, delivering via jet skis. So, you might want to look out for that. 

Franchise Details

The Another Wing by DJ Khaled just opened on 11 November 2021 with a ghost-kitchen concept. They are, at present, a delivery-only service and have no physical locations yet. So, they don’t plan on franchising the restaurant as of now. I will update you with any information regarding that in the future.

Opening-Closing Hours

You can order yourself ‘Another Wing’ anywhere between 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. So, just open your food delivery platform and Add to Cart!

Important Links

There’s no official website for Another wing as of now. So, I have given you the link for Reef Kitchen, their partner in this business venture.

Reef Official Websiteofficialwebsite/reefkitchen

Social Media Handles

Instagraminstagram/another wing


So, this was all the information you’ll need about Another Wing by DJ Khaled. This restaurant is based on a relatively new concept of ghost kitchens. One person who has been in the business of ghost kitchens and has been nailing is MrBeast with his concept of MrBeast Burger. If you want to know more about that, you can go to The FoodXP and find the MrBeast Burger Menu Prices article to aid you. There are also some other informative articles that you might like. So, give it a go. Happy eating or should I say, happy winging!

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