ANF To Partner Up With Loma Linda To Produce Canned Vegan Chicken

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Plant-based meat lovers, where you at? Gather here because I’ve got some great news for you! Finding the right vegan chicken is no longer a problem because of the arrival of Atlantic Natural Foods’ most recent product – vegan chicken in a can!

Vegan Chicken

With recent developments in the vegan scene, plant-based food has become more accessible and easier to find. With food brands producing and manufacturing more plant-based products, vegan food is now available almost everywhere.

In an effort to do just that, Atlantic National Foods is launching a new Loma Linda -a product called Vegan Chicken in a can. But why only a can? To this, the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at ANF, Kelly Krause, provided an answer.

She said, “The collapse of the global supply chain, which started more than two years ago, restricted food creation and impacted go-to-market strategies that forever changed shopping patterns.”

She further added, “Alternatives to support our traditional food supply are necessary to provide more sustainable nutrition options on a global scale, so we’re excited to bring our Chik’n to market quickly in support of these efforts.”

Lastly, Krause said, “With chicken being among one of the most consumed meats in the world, this shelf-stable protein is the perfect addition to your pantry, available at an affordable price that fits all lifestyles.”

This new canned chicken product will be available in three flavors, namely – Chik’n in Broth, Chik’n BBQ and Chik’n Buffalo. All of these flavors are packed in different flavored broths.

This is an exciting new step taken by ANF in the vegan scene and we’re here for it! Brands that take both the consumer’s needs and the environment into consideration are what we, at TheFoodXP, love to see!

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