American Deli Menu With Prices [Updated March 2023]

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American Deli menu and prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have provided the menu of American Deli with prices from the Georgia, United States. The menu is updated from 1st March, 2023.

American Deli Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest American Deli from its official websiteandroid app or iOS app or any other delivery platform.

American Deli menu with prices is loaded with wings, Philly steak, fried rice, burger, chicken tenders, gyros, fish, shrimp, and drinks. All the food items are not expensive. On top of that, you can get a chicken wings meal with 10 pieces just for $11.49.

I hope you got a brief idea about American Deli’s menu. The detailed menu with the food items and prices are mentioned below in the article. You will also find some other additional information such as contact, franchise details, hot to order online, and nutritional information. Now it’s time to see their menu but before that, let’s have a quick look at their history.

American Deli is an American casual dining restaurant that serves fast food and seafood. The restaurant was founded by Ken Reimer and Tom Dahl in 1989. The first American Deli was opened in Atlanta, Georgia. The company immediately opened its second restaurant after they saw that the first American Deli restaurant is an instant hit. And since then, American Deli has opened 100 locations all over the U.S.

American Deli Menu With Prices

American Deli Food

American Deli is mainly famous for the wings. You can choose the number of pieces of wings depending upon your needs. If you don’t like wings, you can also try out their Philly Steak. The restaurant believes that good times deserve great food.

All the 100 stores in US have fried rice, burger, chicken tenders, gyros, fish, shrimp, Reuben, sides and drinks. American Deli also offers healthy options like salads, subs, and sandwiches. These options will surely satiate your hunger and cravings.

The restaurant offers delicious food and quality services. You will be amazed with the quality services the restaurant offers. Read out the entire article to know the nitty gritty. The long American Deli menu with prices is affordable in comparison with other fast-food chains.

You can take your family and friends to American Deli for a whole bunch without spending a lot of money. So, without further waiting, let’s check out the latest American Deli menu with prices.

Picked For You Menu With Prices

10 Pieces Combo$ 13.99
Family Pack (Wings Only)$ 10.99
5 Peices Combo$ 8.99
Family Pack$ 10.99
Beef Philly Combo$ 15.49

Salad Menu With Prices

Chrf Salad$ 9.99
Garden Salad$ 8.49
Grilled Chicken$ 9.99

Subs Menu With Prices

Sub Combo$ 12.99
Ham Sub$ 9.49
Turkey Sub$ 9.49
Ham And Turkey Sub$ 9.49

Reuben Menu With Prices

Reubn $ 8.99
Reubn Combo$ 11.99
Reubn And 5 Wings W/Drink$ 15.99

Gyros Menu With Prices

Chicken Gyro$ 8.99
Beef Gyro$ 8.99
Lamb Gyro$ 8.99
Lamb Gyro Combo$ 11.99
Beef Gyro Combo$ 11.99
Chicken Gyro Combo$ 11.99
Gyro And 5 Wings With A Drink$ 15.99

Burgers Menu With Prices

Burger Combo$ 11.99
Burger And 5 Wings With Drink$ 15.99
Beef Burger$ 8.49
Chicken Burger$ 7.99

Shrimp Menu With Prices

4 Pieces Sgrimp And 5 Wings With A Side And Drink$ 12.99
8 Pieces Shrimp$ 8.99
Shrimp Combo$ 12.99

Fish Menu With Prices

Shrimp Fried Rice$ 12.49
Tilapia Fish Combo$ 12.49

Fried Rice Menu With Price

Shrimp Fried Rice$ 11.99
Vegetable Fried Rice$ 9.49
Beef Fried Rice$ 10.99
Chicken Fried Rice$ 10.99

Wings Menu With Prices

10 Peice Combo$ 13.99
5 Peice Combo$ 17.99
20 Peice Combo$ 22.99
Family Pack (Wings Combo)$ 10.99

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Mains Menu With Prices

Philly Sandwich$ 10.99
Philly Combo$ 14.99
Philly And 5 Wings With Drink$ 15.49
Chicken Tenders$ 9.49
4 Pieces Chicken Combo$ 14.99
2 Pieces Chicken Tender Combo$ 10.99
Chocolate Cake Slice$ 5.99

Drinks Menu With Prices

Medium Foutain Drink$ 2.89
Large Foutain Drink$ 3.89
Water Bottle $ 1.50
Red Bull $ 3.99
Monster$ 3.99

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Sides Menu With Prices

Fries$ 3.99
Onion Rings$ 3.99
Fried Okra$ 5.49
Mozzarella Sticks$ 5.95
Jalapeno Poppers$ 5.89

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Philly Menu With Prices

Beef Philly$ 10.99
Chicken Philly$ 10.99
Vegetable Philly$ 8.99
Chicken Philly And Wings$ 15.49
Chicken Philly Combo$ 15.49
Beef Philly Combo$ 12.49
Vegetable Philly Combo$ 12.49
Beef Philly And Wings$ 15.49

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Dessert Menu With Prices

Red Velvet Cake$ 5.99
Chocolate Cake Slice$ 5.99

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How To Order Online From American Deli ?

Want to enjoy your favorites from American Deli at home? Well! Now, you can have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering food from American Deli by referring to their official website, android app, iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

To order food from American Deli, you can refer to some leading food delivery service apps like Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Seamless. We have shared detailed screenshots that show how to order food online from American Deli.

Finding The Latest American Deli Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

  1. Open Ubereats and place the order online from American Deli.
American Deli Page

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of American Deli.

American Delli Location

3. The complete menu will be displayed on your screen.

American Deli Menu

4. Select the food items of your choice and add them to the cart.

American Deli Add To Cart

5. Once you have added the food items to the cart, proceed further to checkout.

American Deli Checkout

American Deli Nutritional Information


Restaurants chains like Chuck E. Cheese provide their nutritional information on their website so that their customers can easily access it. So, you can get the nutritional breakdown of all the items present on the American Deli menu by clicking on the link mentioned above.

American Deli Franchising Details

American Deli Outlet

American Deli has around 100 locations all over the U.S. in states like Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama. You can also open an American Deli restaurant and this is how much you will have to pay for it.

Initial Investment $ 177,200 – $ 484,950
Initial Franchise Fee$ 35,000

American Deli Contact Information

American Deli Corporate Office Address: 2716 Northeast Expy, Atlanta, GA 30345, United States.

American Deli Corporate Phone Number: +1 404-254-3444

You can also contact the team of American Deli by using the contact form on their website.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To American Deli [FAQs]

How much is a Philly and wing combo at American Deli?

The Philly and wing combo at American Deli will cost you $15.49.

Who owns American Deli Atlanta?

Cheol Kim owns American Deli Atlanta.

How many food items does American Deli menu has?

You can choose out of 350 types of deli meats, cheeses, fruits, salads, wraps, and vegetables

When were the American Deli menu prices last updated?

American Deli has recently updated its menu with prices in July.

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