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Crazy about Wings? Visit American Deli as they serve one of the best wings. But before you plan to visit there, make sure you know about their latest menu. In this post, let’s see their latest menu with prices.

American Deli menu includes wings, Philly steak, fried rice, burger, chicken tenders, gyros, fish, shrimp, salads, subs, Reuben, sides and drinks. They aren’t much expensive as compared to other fast-food chains.

I hope you got a brief idea about their menu, but the complete menu is mentioned below. I have also included some other additional information such as contact, franchise and nutritional information. Now it’s time to see their menu but before that, let’s have a quick look at their history.

American Deli is an American casual dining restaurant that serves fast food and seafood. The restaurant was founded by Ken Reimer and Tom Dahl in 1989. The first American Deli was opened in Atlanta, Georgia. The company immediately opened its second restaurant after they saw that the first American Deli restaurant is an instant hit. And since then, American Deli has opened 100 locations all over the U.S.

American Deli Menu Prices

American Deli menu prices

American Deli is mainly famous for the wings. You can choose the number of pieces of wings depending upon your needs. If you don’t like wings, you can try out their Philly Steak.

They also have fried rice, burger, chicken tenders, gyros, fish, shrimp, Reuben, sides and drinks. Looking for something healthy? You can order salads and subs.

And with affordable American Deli menu prices, you can bring your family and friends here for a whole bunch without spending a lot of money. So, without further waiting, let’s check out the latest American Deli menu prices.


Wings Meal (Fries + Drink)$8.61$11.49$16.09$20.69
Wings ONLY$6.54$9.19$13.79$18.39
Family Pack$27.59$36.79$45.99$66.69$89.69

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Philly Meal (Fries + Drink)$9.19
Philly ONLY$7.46
Philly + Wing (5pc) Combo$12.64

Fried Rice

Fried Rice + Wing (5pc) Combo$12.64
Fried RiceBeefChickenShrimpVegetable
Fried Rice ONLY$8.04$8.04$9.19$6.89


Burger ONLY$7.46
Burger Meal (Fries + Drink)$9.19

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders Meal (Fries + Drink)$9.19
Chicken Tenders (4pc) ONLY$7.46


Gyro ONLY$7.46

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Fish2pc Tilapia2pc Whiting
Fish Meal (Fries + Drink)$10.34$9.19
Fish + Shrimp (4pc) Combo$12.64$11.49
Fish + Wing (5pc) Combo$13.79
Fish ONLY$8.04


Shrimp Meal (Fries + Drink)$10.34
Shrimp ONLY$8.04


SaladsChefFried ChickenGardenGrilled Chicken
Salad + Wings (5pc) Combo$12.06$12.06$10.91$12.06
Salad ONLY$6.89$6.89$5.74$6.89


Sub Meal (Fries + Drink)$8.61
Sub + Wings (5pc) Combo$12.06
Sub ONLY$6.89


Reuben + Wings (5pc) Combo$12.64
Reuben Meal (Fries + Drink)$9.19
Reuben ONLY$7.46

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DrinksMedium Drink (20 oz.)Large Drink (30 oz.)

American Deli Nutritional Information


Restaurants chains like Chuck E. Cheese provide their nutritional information on their website so that their customers can easily access it. So, you can get the nutritional breakdown of all the items present on the American Deli menu by clicking on the link mentioned above.

American Deli Franchising Information

American Deli franchise

American Deli has around 100 locations all over the U.S. in states like Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama. You can also open an American Deli restaurant and this is how much you will have to pay for it.

Initial Investment $177,200 – $484,950
Initial Franchise Fee$35,000

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American Deli Contact Information

American Deli Corporate Office Address- 2716 Northeast Expy, Atlanta, GA 30345, United States.

American Deli Corporate Phone Number– +1 404-254-3444

You can also contact the team of American Deli by using the contact form on their website.

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