The All-Day Happy Hour Offer By The Gray Mare In NYC

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Is your mood ruined because all your plans got canceled due to snowing outside? Don’t frown just yet! Turn your luck around by taking advantage of the new “All-Day Happy Hour” deal offered by The Gray Mare in New York!

The Gray Mare NYC

From now onwards, every snow cloud around The Gray Mare in New York will be accompanied by a silver lining. This deal is meant to last for two months, March and April.

This deal will feature menu items at a lower price than usual. Customers can indulge in $10 classic cocktails, $8 glasses of wine, and $6 select draft beers. The deal not only covers drinks but also covers various food items on the menu!

The “All-Day Happy Hour” deal also features $5 bar bites like pretzels, buffalo cauliflower, mac ‘n cheese, sweet potato tots, and many more. You can easily pair these up with low-priced drinks of your choice.

It seems like a win-win situation for both the restaurant and customers. The customers can enjoy delicious food at low prices, and the restaurant can enjoy the increase in the number of customers.

The Gray Mare is located at 61 2nd Avenue in the East Village. It is surrounded by many restaurants serving delicious food as well. This deal is like a sunny day after a snowy one.

Keep in mind that this offer is only applicable and can be availed on snowy days during March and April 2022. With this, all I have left to say is – All hail The Gray Mare!

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