Aldi Leaves Customers Impressed By Its Bake House Creations Pie Crust

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March brings along with itself the ever-so-beloved math holiday, Pi-day! People usually celebrate the pi day by baking and eating pies at their places. But did you miss it out by any chance? Well, don’t worry because you can still celebrate it by making your own pie.

Aldi Pie Crust

If you’re going to make a pie, you better use Aldi’s Pie Crust. Aldi is a supermarket chain offering its customers fresh produce along with ready-to-eat and quick pre-made items. (They don’t judge you for feeling lazy and picking out pre-made items from the aisle)

One pre-made item from Aldi is reportedly becoming a fan favorite. This item is Bake House Creations pie crust. Back in 2017, the AldiReviewer described the crust to be “as good as homemade crusts” and recommended the same to the customers.

It’s been receiving a lot of love ever since. But what to do if you’re not a huge fan of sweet things but still want to try this beloved item? Well, there’s a recipe going viral that gives a savory twist to this pie crust.

A redditor, with the username “u/aaron__valve”, recently posted a picture of the pie crust after turning it into a savory treat. The caption of this post went on as “Used the pie crusts to make Puerto Rican Pastelillos in the air fryer.”

The post went viral as people wanted to know the recipe for using the pie crusts to make Puerto Rican Pastelillos. Several users commented about how appetizing the Pastelillos looked and how much they wanted to try them.

One user commented,”They look wonderful, homemade!” He further added, “I had a Mexican coworker who shared something that looked like this with a pumpkin or winter squash filling.” 

Several other users went on to agree, describing the pastelillos to “sound super tasty” and “look delicious”. One user even called the idea genius. Others began praising the quality of the pie crusts.

One user said, “That pie crust is the bomb. Been using it for years w/the Aldi canned apple slices.” So, the next time you’re looking for a good quality pie crust, try Aldi’s. All hail the pie crust lord, Aldi!

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