Aldi Disappoints Customers With Luck o’ the Cookie Dough Ice Cream Flavor

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The arrival of March announces the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. From green outfits to parades, this holiday is hard not to be a favorite of many! St. Patrick’s Day in the 21st century means themed food and offers and deals on food.

The Luck O' The Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Doing just that, several food chains like Krispy Kreme, KFC, etc., end up enjoying a spike in sales along with the promotion of the brand itself. This year around Aldi, a supermarket chain, rolled out two new St. Patrick’s Day-themed ice creams.

These ice creams – The Sunday Shoppe Luck o’ the Cookie Dough and Shamrockin’ Swirl, are a limited edition. These flavors received a lot of attention during the initial revelation and launch.

Fans took to Instagram and Reddit and expressed their excitement via comments and posts. While the ice cream flavors were expected to be great and loved by customers, one customer had a different opinion.

A Redditor by the username “Phila21767”, complaining about Aldi’s St. Patrick’s Day ice cream flavor – Luck o’ the Cookie Dough, wrote in a post, “What a rip-off. Not one yellow fudge chip and not a piece of cookie dough.”

The above review might seem a bit strange to you, but for clarification, the Redditor is talking about what all the ice cream claimed to contain in the description. It reads, “cookie dough flavored ice cream with yellow fudge chips and green star-shaped cookie dough.”

Aldi did not follow through with that particular expectation of the customers. Not only that, but the Redditor claimed that the container was only 70% full and cost more than it was worth. 

Several users then commented on the post and expressed their opinions about the same. These included, “Agreed; this one was gross. I dumped half of it,” “It looks like a weird meat salad with huge celery chunks,” etc.

Aldi disappointed the customers with the rollout of this particular flavor of ice cream and fans weren’t happy. We just hope that Aldi can redeem itself by featuring better St. Patrick’s Day food options next year.

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