13 Best Agave Nectar Substitutes To Try!

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Agave nectar is a great addition to your sweet drinks and beverages. It is a vegan natural sweetener derived from agave plants. Just in case you are of agave nectar, you still have better options to try. Let’s see what are the best agave nectar substitutes. 

Agave nectar

Some of the best agave nectar substitutes you can try are maple syrup, honey, molasses, brown rice syrup, and simple syrup. You can also try coconut nectar or fruit syrup instead of agave nectar. If nothing is available, go for an artificial sweetener like stevia, and you are good to go. 

Agave nectar has a very subtle sweetness, and when it comes to the texture, it is really smooth and thin. You can add agave nectar to your tea or coffee. They are the best options to add to margaritas. Even a great pair for baked goods like pancakes, brownies, and cookies. 

Let’s dig into the conversation and find out what are the different alternatives that are similar to agave nectar and can be used in recipes. 

13 Best Agave Nectar Substitutes

If you’re out of agave nectar, here is a list of substitutes that you should take a look at!

1. Maple Syrup

maple syrup

We all have maple syrup in our pantry and love to add to our recipes. When it comes to sweetening drinks or baked goods, maple syrup is one of the best options. 

Like agave nectar, maple syrup is a natural sweetener that can be easily used as a substitute.

Add them to waffles, pancakes, brownies, sweet drinks, and anything you want to be sweet. Maple syrup pairs well with baked goods. Maple syrup has the same sugar level as agave nectar, but there is little distinction in the overall flavour. 

You may find the consistency of maple syrup thicker than agave nectar. However, maple syrup is richer in flavour than agave nectar. 

The substitution ratio of maple syrup should be equal to agave nectar. Simply put, if you need one tablespoon of agave nectar, you can use one tablespoon of maple syrup instead.

2. Brown Rice Syrup

brown rice syrup

If you are looking for the agave nectar substitute and want the little caramel notes, go for brown rice syrup. Brown rice syrup is used as a substitute for other sweetening agents. 

Brown rice syrup is made by cooking brown rice. While cooking the brown rice, the starch is broken down using enzymes. 

You can use brown rice syrup in many recipes like baked goods, dressings, drinks, etc. Brown rice syrup has a likable and notable caramel flavor.  

Brown rice syrup is a little less sweet and can be generously used. You can go for the same amount of brown rice syrup as agave nectar and maybe add extra as per your taste preferences. 

3. Honey


Honey is one of the most common ingredients available in your kitchen. It is widely used in drinks and baked goods. It is a natural sweetener and can be used as a substitute for agave nectar. 

Using honey has various health benefits as it is filled with nutrients. As honey is derived from bees, it is not suited for vegan eaters as it is derived from bees. 

Honey has the same level of sweetness as agave nectar. Although honey has a thicker texture, it pairs really well with baked goods. Add honey to waffles or pancakes; you will love it anyway. 

Also, please keep in mind that honey possesses its own flavor, so the dish’s overall flavor may not be exactly the same if you had used agave nectar. 

4. Simple Syrup

simple syrup

Not to worry if you are out of agave nectar and other great substitutes like honey or maple syrup. You get agave nectar substitutes as long as you have some sugar and water. 

Simple syrup, made with water and sugar, can be an easy and readily available agave nectar substitute. You may not get the richness of agave syrup, but the sweet flavors are enough to enjoy in its absence. 

Agave nectar has a great touch of sweetness, so you may need an extra amount of simple syrup to adjust the flavor. For instance, if your recipe calls for a tablespoon of agave nectar, you must go for one and a half tablespoons of simple syrup. 

The best thing about using simple syrup is that it won’t impact the overall taste of the recipe. You can use white or brown sugar and adjust the quantity per the sweetness level you require. 

5. Coconut Nectar

coconut nectar

Let’s get a little tropical by talking about coconut nectar that can be used as an agave nectar substitute. Coconut nectar is very sweet and also has caramelized notes that can be a great addition to your baked goods.

There is no donut that coconut nectar, derived from coconut, has many health benefits as it is a natural sweetener. 

The taste of coconut nectar is similar to brown sugar, but the great thing is that it’s not processed and is a natural sugar. You can use coconut nectar in candies or cookies and enjoy the tropical twist. 

You may find little distinct flavors compared to agave nectar, but you will be glad to know that coconut nectar won’t overpower your dish and has a subtle sweetness.

You can use the same quantity of coconut nectar as agave syrup, and you will do just fine. 

6. Molasses


Molasses is another popular ingredient many of us use to add sweetness to a dish. It is a dark and thick syrup that is extracted during the sugar refining process. Therefore, it has great sweetness and can be used as an agave nectar substitute. 

You can use it as a sweetener or even combine it with flour to make some baked goods. You might find a change in the dish’s flavor, but I am sure you will love it. 

I guess we should give molasses enough credit as it has some rich flavors and can be used in multiple ways. Different varieties of molasses exist, like light, dark, and even blackstrap molasses. Anyone out of the three can be used as an agave nectar substitute. 

7. Light Corn Syrup

light corn syrup

Light corn syrup is made with cornstarch and used as a sweetener. One can use it for adding sweetness to candies or cookies. Due to the light color won’t change the dish’s appearance much, and the flavor is milder compared with other corn syrup. 

You can use light corn syrup in place of agave nectar without any doubt. Light corn syrup has a smooth texture with a great flavor that is a great addition to sweet dishes. 

The process of preparing light corn syrup is a little lengthy but worth it. Forty the corn starch is broken down into glucose using enzymes, and then the glucose is purified. 

To make the final product, the purified glucose is combined with water; hence, light corn syrup is achieved. Go for the same amount of light corn syrup as you would use agave nectar. You can adjust the quantity as per your taste. 

8. White Sugar

white sugar in a spoon

Remember we talked about simple syrup just before a few substitutes before? Now, simple syrup is made with either white or brown sugar, so saying white sugar is a great substitute for agave nectar won’t be wrong. 

To maintain the texture of baked goods, you can use water or even oil. The best thing about using white sugar is that it is easily available, and you can adjust the level of sweetness too. 

You would need a little extra quantity of white sugar to use as an agave nectar substitute. You may need more than a tablespoon of white sugar instead of 1 tablespoon of agave nectar. 

9. Golden Syrup

golden syrup in a jar

Golden syrup, as the name suggests, has some goldy flavours. I mean, golden syrup is actually a little fancier in taste and appearance.

It has a rich flavor which is very smooth and buttery. Now the difference between simple syrup and golden syrup is the addition of citric acid. Golden syrup has sugar, water, along with a few drops of lemon juice or any citric item. 

Golden syrup pairs well with drinks and even baked goods that require little tanginess in the flavor. The texture and consistency of the golden syrup are similar to agave nectar. You can easily substitute golden syrup with agave nectar in any recipe you wish to.

Go for the same amount of golden syrup instead of agave nectar, and enjoy the sweet treats.

10. Stevia


Now, if you don’t have or want to look for alternatives because you are too lazy like me, use artificial sweeteners. There are plenty of artificial sweeteners available in the market. One of them is stevia which is quite popular in the department of artificial sweeteners. 

The best thing about stevia is that it is sugar-free, and if you are looking to cut down on sugar intake, stevia is your answer. You can get stevia from your nearest store and add a few drops to your recipe directly. 

Stevia will only have a sweet flavor and won’t make a change in your dish’s overall taste. 

You can get it in the form of powder or liquid and add 2-3 drops in place of a tablespoon of agave nectar. 

11. Fruit Syrup

fruit syrup

Looking for something fresh and tropical? Go for fruit syrup. Plenty of brands provide packed fruit syrup, or you can make some of it at home. You can have multiple flavors, like apples, grapes, or berries. 

You can make different flavorful cakes or cookies. 

You can use fruits that are ripped and make syrup out of them. Simply blend the fruit of your choice with water. You can also cook the blended fruit in a saucepan to achieve the desired consistency. 

You may use the same quantity of fruit syrup instead of agave nectar, but as per my suggestion, add only a small amount at the start and gradually increase the amount. 

12. Monk Fruit

monk fruit

Just now, we spoke about fruit syrup, but I need to make a special mention of monk fruit which is a great agave nectar substitute. It is a sugar-free option, but it has a rich flavor and a great consistency. 

Many brands provide monk fruit sweetener, or you can also extract it directly from the monk fruit. You can use the monk fruit sweetener in the same ratio you would use agave nectar. 

13. Agave Syrup

agave syrup

You might think I am talking crazy by listing agave syrup in the list of agave nectar substitutes. But let me clear one fact for you. Agave nectar and agave syrup might be one thing, but there is a notable difference that can’t be overlooked. 

The difference is that agave nectar is a very natural and original sweetener extracted from different species of agave plants, whereas agave syrup is processed agave nectar. 

Now, I have mentioned agave syrup at last because of a purpose. Many people consider agave syrup as unhealthy and prefer other alternatives to agave nectar, like honey or corn syrup. 

Anywho, if you have some agave syrup, you can use that too, as it will have exactly the same taste as agave nectar with only a little extra sugar. Go for an equal amount of agave syrup instead of agave nectar.

Agave syrup is easily available at your nearest stores. You can add them to almost all recipes for agave nectar. 

Short Recap Of The Best Substitutes For Agave Nectar

Below is a short recap of the best substitute options for Agave Nectar

Best Agave Nectar Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor – 

  • Maple Syrup
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • Molasses

Best Agave Nectar Substitutes That Are Easily Available-

  • Honey
  • Simple Syrup
  • Golden Syrup
  • White Sugar

Agave Nectar Substitutes That Should Be Least Considered-

  • Stevia

How To Use Agave Nectar Substitutes In A Recipe

13 Best Agave Nectar Substitutes

Agave nectar has a very subtle sweetness, and when it comes to the texture, it is really smooth and thin. You can add agave nectar to your tea or coffee. They are the best options to add to margaritas. Even a great pair for baked goods like pancakes, brownies, and cookies. 
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  • Maple Syrup
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • Honey
  • Simple Syrup
  • Coconut Nectar
  • Molasses
  • Light Corn Syrup
  • White Sugar
  • Golden Syrup
  • Fruit Syrup
  • Stevia
  • Monk Fruit
  • Agave Syrup


  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and make the dish according to the recipe.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


As we have concluded on the best agave nectar substitute, I am sure you have your answers. Agave nectar is a great ingredient to pair your sweet as well as savoury dishes. 

Even though you have agave nectar, there is no harm in trying other alternatives and enjoying the different flavours. If you are genuinely out of agave nectar, you know which substitute is best suited for your recipe. 

Anywho, I know you are well-informed on this topic. From honey to fruit syrup, there are many options that you can choose from. If you want some vegan options, you can go for maple syrup or even fruit syrup. 

If you are looking for something less in calories, stevia is a great option to try. My suggestion is to try all the options at least and see for yourself which suits your taste buds the best. 

Let me know if you try any one of the substitutes and how it turns out. I will be back with more information like this. Until then, drizzle some sweet syrup on the pancakes and get a sugar rush. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is agave nectar made up of?

Agave nectar is produced through various species of agave. The two most common species used are Agave salmiana and Agave tequilana (blue agave). 

What can you use instead of agave nectar? 

Plenty of agave nectar substitutes are available, like honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, golden syrup, molasses, and even coconut nectar. You can also use artificial sweeteners like stevia or extract fresh fruit syrup for a healthy alternative. 

Can I substitute honey for agave nectar?

Yes, you can use honey in place of agave nectar. Go for the same quantity of honey as agave nectar. Honey is a natural sweetener with an almost similar consistency to agave nectar. That is why honey is one of the best agave nectar substitutes available. 

What is the difference between agave nectar and agave syrup?

Agave nectar and agave syrup are both the same thing. The only difference is that agave nectar is made originally from the species of agave, whereas agave syrup is processed in the industry to attain the right taste and texture. 

Can I use agave syrup instead of agave nectar?

Yes, you can definitely use agave syrup in the absence of agave nectar. The only difference between them is that agave syrup is more processed and has chemicals added. Therefore, people do not prefer it for everyday use. 

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