How To Make Acorn Squash Soup At Home

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My grandmother has many remedies at her disposal for any of the health problems that hit us. Being a septuagenarian, she has much knowledge and experience of almost everything. She can prepare any dish and most of them are quite healthy.

Acorn Squash Soup

When she served me Acorn Squash Soup for the first time as a child, I refused to eat. She then weaved a story and told me the importance of Acorn squash. I was taken aback and finished the soup while she was narrating her imaginary story. She served me this soup every weekend after that. Being curious, I learnt how to make Acorn Squash Soup from her. Before jumping to the Acorn Squash Soup recipe, let’s learn more about Acorn Squash.

Acorn squash is a simple, vegan and delicious soup. It is roasted and blended with onion, carrot and garlic to make a smooth soup. It is very good for consumption during winters. Acorn has a smooth texture. This pureed soup is an absolute delight as well as quite healthy.

Also, acorn squash is rich in Vitamin C, fiber, potassium and magnesium. It has carotenoid antioxidants which are beneficial plant compounds. Moreover, it has both soluble and insoluble fibers which aid the growth of probiotics in the gut. Since it is vegan, it is highly recommended to not meat-eaters.

You can also use delicata squash or any of its substitutes in this recipe. You too can make it at your home. For this purpose, I have brought Acorn Squash Soup Recipe for you. Also, there are other recipes that you can have as starters, let’s check them out.

1. Gazpacho SoupSpanish recipes are known for their spicy and fresh ingredients that add to their dishes’ taste. This classic gazpacho soup recipe comprises various healthy ingredients including fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers.

2. Watercress SoupWho doesn’t love to have soups in winter? Everyone right! And if it is healthy and leafy soup, then our cravings even increase more. One of my favorites is Watercress soup.

3. 10 Bean Soup With the dash of spice, this soup gives you a rich flavor. Make the soup part of your diet will make you healthy as its liquid will not only hydrate you but the solids will make it a hearty meal for you.

4. African Peanut Soup A soup made of peanut butter, tomato paste and kale, I know it sounds unusual but it is really delicious. The African peanut soup is a delicious vegetarian delight. You can drink it as a soup or take it with cooked rice. It is amazing both ways.

Ingredients required for Acorn Squash Soup Recipe

Acorn (squash, halved and seeded)2
Unsalted butter3 tablespoons
Large sweet onion (chopped)1
Minced garlic1 clove
Low sodium chicken stock3 1/2 cups
Half and half1/4 cup
Ground nutmeg1/2 teaspoon
Ground cinnamon1/2 teaspoon
Salt 1 pinch

Note: Ground black pepper is to be used for better taste.

How much time will it take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
20 minutes1 hour 5 minutes1 hour 25 minutes

Acorn Squash Soup Recipe

Acorn Squash Soup Recipe
  1. Take a baking dish. Pour squash with its cut side down into the dish.
  2. Now add enough water which can cover all of the bottoms of the dish.
  3. Bake it in a preheated oven ( 400 F ) for about 45 minutes.
  4. Take it out from the oven and let it cool down so that squash can be handled well.
  5. Spoon the flesh out into a bowl and keep it aside.
  6. Now, take a pot. melt butter in it over medium-high heat.
  7. For about 5-7 minutes, let onion, carrot and garlic be cooked in it.
  8. Put the chicken stock into the pot.
  9. Now, add the squash to it.
  10. Fill a blender up to its half with this mixture.
  11. Cover and hold the lid down. Pulsate more than twice before blending.
  12. Make soup in batches until it gets smooth.
  13. Put it back to the pot.
  14. Into the blended soup, add half and half, nutmeg and cinnamon.
  15. Sprinkle salt and pepper.
  16. If required, add more water to make the soup thin.

Nutritional information Of Acorn Squash Soup Recipe

Total fats7.5 gm
Saturated fats5 gm
Cholesterol21 mg
Sodium125 mg
Potassium579 mg
Total carbohydrates21 gm
Dietary fiber 5.8 gm
Proteins3.9 gm
Sugars2 gm
Vitamin A2694 IU
Vitamin C 15 mg
Calcium75 mg

How to Make Acorn Squash Soup at Home | Video

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