Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Houston

Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Houston

Indian dishes might not be the first cuisine to pop on your head when you think of Texas, but there are several excellent top Indian restaurants in Houston. Multiple eateries are there in Little India, but some overlooked gems were found off the beaten path. Whether your loved Indian dish is chicken tikka masala, karahi, or biryani, please don’t be shy to look for it in top Indian restaurants in Houston.

You’re sure to find an eatery that tickles your taste regardless of whether you’re searching for a joyous lunch buffet or a more loaded dinner experience. Here is a list of few outstanding eateries where you can find the best Indian food in Houston.

1) Bombay Sweets

bombay sweets

Bombay sweets is a fantastic purely vegetarian restaurant in Houston. Eat up at the Indian buffet if you’d wish, but in our list, the chaat is too yummy to refuse. Among these delicious street food-style snacks, we particularly like the Dahi Vada, lentil dumplings dipped in an appealing bowl of tangy yogurt and spiced tamarind with chutneys, and the kachori, puri, stuffed with potatoes, yogurt, chutneys, and crisped noodles.

2) Govindan’s


Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays are vegan days at this completely vegetarian Indian buffet that allows takeaway only because of COVID-19. The dishes on deal change every day, but the takeaway plates tend to wrap a lot of ground—basmati rice; curry with vegetables; scrambled tofu (which taste like eggs) or barbecue tofu; chana masala; roti; and a fresh dessert (tasty chocolate cake, mango or strawberry rice pudding). You can include samosas, vegan brownies, and more à la carte snacks in your order too.

3) Himalaya


With approvals from Andrew Zimmern and the late Anthony Bourdain, among several others, chef Kaiser Lashkari’s rare place for Indian, Pakistani, and American blend is a must-visit. 

The super-crunchy and masala-spiced fried chicken is a must-try, as are the juicy mutton biryani, saag paneer, chicken in spicy curry, and garlic naan. But don’t forget to save space for dessert: Our loved dessert is the almond custard, light and velvety form of flan. 

4) Masala Munchies

Masala Munchies

This small counter-service place makes delicious vegetarian rolls and snacks. Specials include the Masala munchie wrap, mildly flavored potatoes and onions rolled in a paratha, and the khandvi, a sweet-tangy wrap served with yellow lentils, coconut, ginger, and chiles, garnished with sesames that’s why it is so famous and included in the list of top Indian restaurants in Houston.

5) Musaafer


Stepping into this prosperous Indian restaurant in the Galleria VI wing is like casting off the present and entering a circa-early 18th-century Indian fort. There are wooden corridors and a host of arcs; cozy, velvet-dressed corners in intimate lounges; hand-cut mirror walls; solid-marble everything; and cabana sheets flickering in the wind. 

The menu proposes its tour that features the different spices that illustrate Indian cuisine; for instance, a remarkable lamb shank towers over saffron cauliflower risotto and pepper gremolata. You might observe a little hint of smokiness in the bite. Another more popular dish is the creamy dal makhani, in which lentils are boiled for 72 hours with tomato and smoke chili. It might prompt you of another deeply soothing pin of Houston and Texas cuisine: refried beans.

6) Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot is a conventional Hyderabadi eatery best well-known for serving up a tasty and authentic version of the traditional Hyderabad dish that provides the restaurant its title. However, the restaurant presents many other menus. The menu shows off nearly a hundred different meal picks to select from, including soups, appetizers, kebabs, curries, and desserts. 

Many different lunch specials are handy on weekdays, and the restaurant is delighted to offer an outstanding option of vegetarian appetizers and raw dishes. The restaurant is open the whole week for both lunch and dinner, but hours differ according to the day.

7) Gourmet India

Gourmet India

Famous for its savory Punjabi food, Gourmet India is an affectionate Indian restaurant that provides a full bar and an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet all week. Dinner is a la carte, and visitors can select from an incredible array of appetizers, soups, salads, tandoori items, and rice dishes. 

There are many curries on the menu card as well, serving seafood, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian selections, and these can be eaten by one of the tandoori flatbreads or by the restaurant’s delicious saffron rice. 


Indian food in Houston has a high status when compared to the flavor and tastiness of the dishes of other towns. Many of the spots provide catering services so you can enjoy your delicious dinners with your colleagues, family, and friends. These spots have plenty of followers among food lovers. So, treat your loved ones to the best Indian restaurants in Houston!

Houston provides a collection of restaurant options from casual to classy, from the conventional menu to exotic, and from curry to burgers. Yes, burgers. So, if you haven’t tasted Indian food, don’t hesitate from what Houston has to provide. The options for reasonably priced, real, Indian-styled food are pretty incredible!

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