3 Famous Indian Food Recipes

Top India recipes

Indian cuisine is not just loved in India. It has become an integral part of the culinary world all across the globe. Whether it is New Delhi or Tallahassee, Florida, food outlets and even seafood restaurants offer Indian cuisine on their menu. 

And why shouldn’t Indian food be loved? It is highly diverse, serves all kinds of palettes, and is rich in flavour with the right number of spices. It is for all the right reasons that Indian cuisine is considered at the top all over the globe, especially in the best seafood restaurants in Tallahassee, Florida.

If you have had the opportunity of visiting any Indian restaurant, you would be familiar with the aroma of star anise, jasmine, and all other spices floating in the air. The special thali featuring a small taste of multiple dishes is the highlight of this cuisine. 

Even reading about Indian food can make anyone salivate. If you have not yet had the pleasure of tasting Indian food, then you are missing out on a lot. 

Now that you know how amazing Indian cuisine is, it is time to ask the million-dollar question: what are the top Indian dishes that one must try? It can be difficult to decide what to order or cook, especially for those who are trying Indian food for the first time. 

Hence, this article will pen down the most famous Indian recipes that you can try yourself at home. Even if you order these dishes at the best seafood restaurants in Tallahassee, Florida, the chefs follow more or less the same recipes. So, without any further delay, let’s dig in. 

1. The Famous Indian Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhni)

Chicken Makhni

Food critics say, if you have not eaten Butter Chicken, you have not eaten chicken at all. Butter Chicken or Chicken Makhni is a famous Indian dish that includes tender boneless chicken that is prepared in a special creamy tomato puree. It is conventionally prepared in a special clay oven called a tandoor. The chicken can also be grilled or roasted, depending on the cooking options available. 

The recipe starts by making gravy from fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, and cardamom. Once the tomatoes have cooked, they are blended to form a puree. The puree is then enhanced in flavours by adding loads of butter, a special mix of Indian species, and dried milk. 

For those who are not chicken lovers and want a vegetarian alternative, you can always substitute the protein with tofu. Even though many Indian dishes are now based on meats, but there is always a vegetarian option available as well. 

Treat the tofu the same way you would treat the chicken by marinating in the spice mix and corn starch. Either grill the tofu pieces or bake them in the oven and mix them in the prepared tomato puree. The dish is served with garlic flatbread or white basmati rice and that’s why it is considered as one of the best Indian food in Houston and people come across from different places to enjoy this chicken makhni and always admired its unique colour and taste. 

2. Peas & Cottage Cheese (Matter Paneer)

Matter Paneer

Another famous vegetarian dish that you will find on every Indian restaurant’s menu is the Matter Paneer, which are peas and cottage cheese cooked in a spicy gravy. 

This dish finds its roots in the Northern side of India. The base of the dish is prepared using fresh tomato puree that is mixed with Indian spices. Grilled cheese and boiled peas are then added to this puree along with garam masala.

It is ideally served with Indian chapati along with the yogurt mint raita or a creamy condiment. May regions enjoy it with naan, rice, paratha, or poori. Dip your flatbread or paratha into this yummy thick pea gravy and enjoy the taste of cheese melt in your mouth. 

Matter paneer is also famously served with daal, which is lentils cooked in Indian spices. No matter what you eat Matter Paneer with, you will remember it for the rest of your life. 

3. Curried Meat (Roghan Josh)

Matter Paneer

Roghan Josh or the curried meat is a dish that originates from the mountains of Kashmir but is famous all across India. It is served as a main course meal with the traditional Indian condiments. 

This curried meat dish is prepared using lamb that is braised and then cooked in a spicy gravy made of onions and tomatoes. The onions are first fried in ghee, the ginger-garlic paste is then added and then the flavour is enhanced using all rich spices and tomato puree. 

The dish is famous for its vibrant red colour that comes from the special Kashmiri chilies. The seeds from these chilies must be removed before if you do not want your ears to burn with spices. De-seeding will bring a milder flavour to the dish. 

Roghan Josh is perfect even for the Western palates that are accustomed to milder spices. All in all, anyone who loves a curry dish should try Roghan Josh at least once. It is served either with naan, roti, or crispy Indian paratha.


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