According To Dentists, These 10 Foods That Are Best For Your Teeth

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We all know the importance of a pretty smile, and for that to come naturally, you need to do some homework. Dental hygiene is very important for that. But these days, there are so many kinds of food that can cause significant damage to our teeth and gums.

10 Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Unlike in the past, when we used to cook all of our meals from scratch, our modern diets often include many processed foods with substantial amounts of added sugar, which is extremely corrosive.

Of course, you need good dental hygiene practices like regular teeth brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. But eating the right diet is also one of the best ways to ensure that your teeth stay in good shape. But what can you eat to have great teeth?

It’s basic to avoid processed and sugary foods. But what are the foods that are best for our smile? Well, I have a list of 10 foods that are best for your teeth, and it’s dentist approved (well, 9 out 10. Get it?).

This article is a guide to the 10 foods that are best for your teeth, according to dentists.

1. Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt

1. Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt

You must’ve heard this in almost all toothpaste ads that calcium is good for your teeth. If there’s one drink that’s rich in calcium, it’s milk. So, if you put two and two together, you’ll deduce that milk is good for your teeth.

It also has other nutrients that are good for you. If we talk about acidity, milk actually lowers the acidity of the mouth and helps in preventing tooth decay. Maybe don’t skip that glass of milk from now on.

Not just milk, even its by-products are great for your teeth health. The first product would be cheese. Cheese, like milk, has that high calcium you need. It is also low in sugar. Other than that, it has casein, the protein that’s good for your tooth enamel.

It also has phosphate that helps regulate the acidity of your mouth and prevent tooth decay. So, now you know whenever someone asks, “Extra cheese?” Your response should be affirmative.

Another milk product great for your teeth is yogurt. Being a milk product, you know it’s got the calcium. But it is also rich in probiotics. This makes it great for tooth health and for preventing cavities and bad breath. Get the gurt!

2. Water


We all have heard the new motto, “Stay hydrated!” This is because drinking water has so many benefits. It gives your skin a beautiful glow and keeps your kidneys on the run. But did you know that water is also beneficial for a healthy smile?

Yup! Fluoridated water, in addition to hydrating you up, also helps your teeth fight the nasty cavities. Little fact; fluoride is a natural cavity-fighting element. So, you can say fighting cavities is as easy as drinking water.

Also, water helps cleanse your mouth by removing the stuck and hidden food particles. It also makes your mouth water more. By that, I mean it increases the saliva production in your mouth. One drink, too many benefits!

3. Leafy Greens

3. Leafy Greens

We all know spinach gives us muscles like Popeye. But do you know that it gives you shiny teeth like Brutus? Yup, it does. Not just spinach, but all leafy greens like kale and lettuce do that.

This is because your leafy guys are rich in calcium as well as folic acid, vitamins, and minerals. Thus, leafy greens are great for your teeth and gum health. When added in salads, they also work as part-time mouth cleansers.

4. Nuts

4. Nuts

Nuts, in general, are beneficial for your teeth and overall health. They have a lot of beneficial nutrients that help prevent tooth decay and make your teeth stronger. The important one being calcium.

Almonds are rich in calcium, so are peanuts. Peanuts are also a good source of vitamin D, a nutrient that aids in calcium absorption. Cashew nuts also prevent tooth decay alongside almonds and Brazil nuts. They also help in stimulating saliva.

Walnuts, or what I love to call super nuts, contain fiber, folic acid, iron, magnesium, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium, and zinc. All of these are great for you, by the way. So, go nuts with nuts.

5. Fatty Fish and Tofu

Fatty Fish

While fatty fish and tofu aren’t rich in calcium, they are rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus is great for your tooth as well. It prevents tooth decay and reduces the risk of cavities. So, fatty fish like salmon and anchovies are great for your body, including your teeth. Tofu is an equally good vegan option.

6. Green and Black Tea


Green tea and black tea contain polyphenols. What are those, you ask? Polyphenols are a category of chemicals that have a lot of health benefits.

They translate to antioxidants that are great for combating cell damage, reducing inflammation, and are even known to help fight cancer. These polyphenols occur in green and black tea and are great for your gum health.

7. Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C rich foods

Now, this is a broad category. Vitamin C is great for cell repair and recovery. How is this related to teeth? You see, the collagen in the dentin of your teeth is aided by vitamin C for strength and structure. So, consuming vitamin C is directly proportional to healthier teeth.

Some of the foods that fall in the vitamin C category are strawberries, kiwi, apples, pears, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers, and broccoli.

In addition to vitamin C, strawberries are also antioxidant and malice acid rich. Thus, they also help whiten your teeth. Broccoli also contains vitamin K for bone strengthening and are great teeth cleanser.

8. Garlic and Onion

Garlic and Onion

When it comes to freshening your breath, garlic and onion might not be your first choice. But they are great when it comes to teeth health. Both garlic and onion have antibacterial properties that help in fighting tooth decay and gum diseases.

9. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin helps enhance your gum health by adding a mucous layer to them. It also helps in maintaining keratin levels, thus, maintaining the enamel health of your teeth.

10. Whole Grains

whole grains

Last on our list is whole grains. Contrary to simple carbohydrates, whole grains contain complex carbohydrates. These are difficult for bacteria to break down, thus preventing bacterial growth in the mouth. They also have fiber and other nutrients essential for teeth and gum health.

Final Word

So, this was the list of the 10 best foods for your teeth, according to dentists. Tell me in the comments which food did you find to be beneficial. I’ll see you next time. Until then, take care and keep smiling!

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